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  1. Combine his per36 of last year. Lol, not even going to try to explain why this is so stupid. Then expect his steals to magicly improve for no reason whatsoever. It is obvious to anyone who ever watched him play that he is not a good stealer. How long is a period of wait for admiting this? Tos will improve for sure, he'll start losing playing time, but I can hardly call that a good thing. I was mistaken in my first post. NOT A DROP, try to find Josheeps and trade him for something, anything is good. When he starts playing only 20 mins, even the sheeepest of the sheeps will realise that he is not worth a penny. Contrary to some other players, Miles is not a trash one, he is just a guy in a terrible situation. Sad thing is that everyone believed that Cha would be his team, unfortunately there are a lot of players higher on that list than him. Things are unlikely to change, so enough is enough.
  2. Mate, Josh Lloyd is a meme guy. His website is good, but his comments will lose you the league more often than win it. Followed him last year to check what all the hype was about and was greatly dissapointed. He is extremely biased, there is nothing pointing out that Miles with be top 70 this year, not even top 100. He is not even closing the games for Hornets, doesn't have a chemistry with his teamate basicly nothing is going his way right now. Try to trade him if there is some Josheep in your league for some top 100 player.
  3. Premature, premature and league is lost. It's been 10 games already. He doesn't guard good players, so defensive stats will not be there, and he doesn't touch the ball when Cha is attacking. Nothing to see here.
  4. Easy drop 10 and 12. Would still hold in 14 teamers. Not a terrible player, but in a bad situation, doesn't have any respect from teamates.
  5. Well said. I'd just like to see your team if possible. I am a huge sceptic when it comes to forum people, expecially fantasy ones, there are a lot of people playing by themselves showing with teams like HArden, Towns, Leonard, Emiid + more which is of course not possible. So I am genuinely interested how this sort of build looks like when everything goes right. Most of the times it doesn't matter if it makes sense, we all read what we wan't to read and not what it is written Yeah, punting those three categories makes perfect sense. But, when mock drafting I found it hard to pull off. The problems were assists and steals, and even in some cases without Drummond rebounds. Still looks like a fun thing to try, this could be a league winning build in some less competitive leagues.
  6. Is your Ego really that weak that you feel to need to like every posts that doesn't agree with my points. Look at your precious basketballmosnter rankings. Players with strong FT%, usually have PTS and 3pts as 1st, 2nd or 3rd strongest category. Those kind of players lose incredible amount of value in those kind of punt builds, so you will tend to look for some other players that are more fitting to your build. No need for further talking, you are playing in a league where someone is willing to trade Siakam and Lavine for Gobert. Now your claims and behaviour make sense. Are you playing in a league by yourself maybe? Gobert who is curenntly 102 ranked player for 19th place Siakam + Lavine who is also higher ranked than Gobert. Like how you worded that, I decided and made clearly impossible trade where someone is buying-high player who is playing his worst basketball ever. In a competitive leagues when players play bad, others try to sent weaker players to trade for them, not better. Enjoy in a leagues by yourself, you will not get a response for me anytime soon.
  7. You are not punting because of Mitch, he is just bad there not terrible. But what players are you going to pick in punt pts, 3pt build? Usually guys who are good scorers and 3pt shooters are good at ft%, you are not going for that so there is a good chance that you will go for guys like Drummond and Simmons and because of them you'll be punting ft%.
  8. You are going a bit to far to justify you bad pick. Now you are telling me that you are making your whole strategy based on the fact that you will draft MichRob. Lol. I'd like to see that punt build. You forgot about FT%, there is a good chance that you will be punting that too. Doubt that you'll be that good in assists too. You'll need to be really, really good in other 5 categories, and even then you are basicly saying I can win only 5 categories per week. Puff, bad schedule and you can lose 7-2 easily. People are talking about punt builds, but in reality those kind of builds aren't that easy to achieve. If you somehow manage to achieve it than sure, he would be top good. More realistic scenario is that you will be left with PUNT TRY build, with couple of good categories and a lot of bad ones.
  9. Again our disagreement may come from playing 2 differenet formats. Let's say he shoots 4/5 every game, and in your team you will 2-5 high volume players, I fail to see how will he in a weekly matchup contribute when your high volume players have bad nights. Most often than not % are won by a decent enough margin that his % are simply not enough to change anything. I guess he can take you from shooting .450 to 460 on 450 taken shots, it all comes down to how often do you think that it will be that close. But I'll admit I underestimated his fg%, at first I thought that it would make much less of a difference. Still I do not agree with top 50 ranking of last year. Maybe that was aimed more at Roto than h2h. As for the noobs, I used and in a place where I should have used or. And instead of LLoyd should have used fantasy analysts. "high by most of the noobs OR various fantasy analysts followers". I use Lloyd as a reference for the best fantasy analyst I know. As I said before I still don't think that he is all that good, don't see how that is even possible and doubt that even he thinks that, but compared to others he has decent amount arguments. He does make bad projections, sometimes even season ending misses but still he is much better than others I've seen. I use mock drafts from ESPN and Rotoworld staff as a good source of laughter and nothing else. Follow their advices regularly and you are guaranteed to never win a league in your life. Follow Lloyd and if you avoid that several season ending bad projections and unpredictable injuries you are in a really good spot to win every non and semi-competitive league. The biggest difference here is that you are saying that taking him in 4th round is alright and I am saying that that is still a bit too early if some other players with guaranteed roles and opportunites for improvement are available.
  10. Oh, yes I admit I completely dismissed every other format besides H2H categories. I never tried anything else so I assumed that that is what most people play. With that in mind. He is not strong player in rebounds. If given minutes he probably would be, but with his limited minutes he is not great. He is just ok, which is why I left it out in previous post. Is 70% on 5 shots per night really that great? If we look at %, I'd say that he is equally bad at ft% as he is good in fg%. He is great in to, but you can leave players on the bench if you want 0 to. Blocks are the sole reason why you would draft him. And players who can only block shot in real life will always be risky because blocks are not contributing to the game as other factors are. So saying that you would draft him over all the other guys is crazy in my eyes. He is easily the guy who can stop getting minutes alltogether if some decent player comes their way. And also it is an absolute fact that he is drafted high by most of the noobs and Lloyd followers, because he was placed so high in Yahoo and ESPN rankings and we all know that that is the most important thing that new players and casuals look. Blocks are one of the hardest categories to find, and in different drafts it can really be justified drafting him in 4th round, but with these years projections there is a pretty good chance that you would have guys like Brogdon, Lowry, Turner, Porzingis, Lavine, Covington and many others left in 4th and 5th rounds. And taking a guy who isn't even guaranteed 20mins a night over already established players with guaranteed minutes is, I'll repeat myself madness. I like him, he was amazing last year as a WW pickup, but as a high draft it is a different story. If I wanna risk it I'll go with Porzingis 10/10 times. At least he was a real second rounder when he was healthy with potential to go even beyond that.
  11. That is some insane talk. You forgot to say that if you punt assists, ft%, steals then he becomes top 3 player. Lol. You do realise that the only thing he does is block shots? He is the rankings friendly guy because rankings overvalue his fg% and to. Funny things if you listen to Josh Lloyds podcasts you will realise that he doesn't care about those 2 categories when drafting players, but then proceeds to make a list where turnovers are such a huge factor. As I said before he is exactly that sort of players that separates seasoned fantasy player from newbs. I'll once more list players who had similar or worse rating than him last year. And then you ask yourself would you rather have him or players I listed. This is per game value, so do not think about injuries. Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell, Eric Bledsoe, D'angelo Russell, Draymond Green, CJ MCCollum, ZachLavine, Middleton, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, John Wall, Jamal Murray, Luka Doncic(he was ranked at 100th place lol).
  12. Exactly. It seems that a lot of people are mindlessly following various ranking lists without even trying to think for a second. If you look FB Ninja or BBM projections for this year there are a lot of seasons ending misses on their part. Robinson was a league winning add last year, but drafting him in 3rd or 2nd round is madness. He is that kind of player that separates smart fantasy players from newbies. As you said wait for him to fall to an acceptable position, if not no problem. It would be a different story if he was really good basketball player who has guaranteed minutes, but he does not impact the game that much. Blocks are cool for fantasy, but with block you are not even guaranteed possesion in real life.
  13. Lol, how in the heaven's name is that a robbery? Both are playing better than he is right now. There is no indication that he will be better. He is not a good basketball player, he is only good for fantasy. There is no reason why he should be getting more minutes, and with limited minutes his production will also be limited. Rankings for players like him are always a 10-20 places higher than they should be. He was 47th last year, but nobody in his right mind would have him over guys like Simmons, Mitchel, Lavine, Griffin, Green, Love, Fox.