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  1. I’d definitely do this, AJ brown looked awesome on Tuesday and Dobbins is a great stash
  2. Don’t think you’d play him too much but I guess it’s worth a shot if you’re only dropping Brown. rams backfield is crowded and they just got Akers back too. help mine?
  3. Stay put, Tyreek is best player in the deal:
  4. I think I’d aim a bit higher first, not sure I like Evans especially cause he’s banged up. Maybe try for someone like Lockett first? thanks for mine
  5. With the news of bell I’m a bit worried, but I got an offer: my CEH and Ridley for Zeke and Crowder Losing Ridley would hurt as I’m kindve weaker at WR, but I feel crowder is underrated. Pull the trigger?
  6. I'd roll the dice on A-Rob. Golladay if he's 100% good to go. Definitely flex Robinson this week against Miami
  7. I think i'd pull the trigger, you're pretty stacked at RB and can afford to give up Fournette. Hollywood can be pretty boom-bust however, just something to take into account
  8. If you're in win now i wouldn't do it, the move may leave you weak at RB and Hunt has looked great this year
  9. i'd drop deebo or pollard for AJG. He's looked a little rusty but he's still gtting the most targets in Cincy.. too much potential to ignore help mine:
  10. I think that Hollywood and a second is a fair offer for Drake but the owner may feel the same way about Brown that you do. i'd offer it and see what he says. Definitely keep DK though, he'll be a monster for years help mine?