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  1. Picked up KD, Isaac and Murray on the off chance that the season will resume. In all honesty though, I think the NBA will go straight to the playoffs, and that NBA fantasy season is done.
  2. I dropped him for Nurkic. Ayton might be back on Saturday, so he'll lose most of his value. It's a shame he wasn't good yesterday, he was on a roll!
  3. I went with Giles (dropped Kevin Porter Jr). I think he'll be good, and I don't see Bagley coming back anytime soon.
  4. Oladipo>Jrich>Brown for now. Wait and see approach for Brown, we don't know the severity of the knee injury. If you want to take the risk, go ahead. It might payoff.
  5. Juancho has a juicy matchup, so that's the better stream. I have KPJ so I'm curious what he does, but that's a tough matchup for him. KPJ is more of a long term hold for me.
  6. If you can hold, do it. If you think you'll absolutely lose without them, you can drop Capela, but I would try to trade him before dropping. He's probably back next week so I would just go down with the ship before dropping.
  7. I hope he keeps his value for the Playoffs! Just got back on the train, my WW claim came through (I know, cool story bro 😛)
  8. If you have all those players, the writing is on the wall man. You probably won't sniff the playoffs in a competitive league. With that being said, I'd drop Oubre.