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  1. Actually, we have one spot left. We were full, but one owner has gone quiet and hasn't paid. If you're interested and think you can be ready for the draft within a week, I've got a spot for you.
  2. We have 1 MiLB West team slot left (team name from real minor league team out west), 1 Oceana team slot left (team name from Japan, Korea, Australia), and 1 Global team slot left (team name from Mexico, Italy, England, Canada, etc, etc.) This league is going to be special, but it's pretty involved. Check the original post for links to the constitution and league site. Grab a spot in a league that will be around for the long haul. Message me if you have questions.
  3. almost therre, just need a couple more guys...this is going to be a special league
  4. 5 spots left: MiLB East: FULL MiLB West: 2 Spots Oceana: 1 Spot Global: 2 Spots
  5. 11 left now. Signup is at wlbdynasty.proboards.com
  6. Come check this out. Great group of guys at the core of this league.