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  1. I currently run a dynasty league with 10 teams and it looks like heading into next year, 3 of the managers will not be back. 1 guy is completely inactive, and the other 2 have a personal issue (outside of FF) with a few of the members, so they're taking their balls and going home. Since there will be a big change anyway, I figure I would take this opportunity to expand the league from 10-12 teams, something we've been discussing the last few years. Since we are replacing 3 guys plus adding two more, I figure a re-start would be best. The rest of the league members are on board. I know this is a bit far in advance, but since I need 5 new owners, I thought I would get a jump on it now. If you're interested in joining next season, shoot me a DM or respond in the thread and I can send you league guidelines I have typed up. 25 player rosters - PPR - Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX - NO Defense or Kicker
  2. I can't bring myself to it. I've played him twice this year - Week 2 and Week 5. Both times Godwin was out I believe. I can't do it again.
  3. Why? Because Perine might steal 4-6 short yardage carries? Gio was getting redzone/goal line carries with Mixon in there. His output this weekend might end up as a FLEX, but his opportunity should be pretty significant.
  4. Full or limited? I can't find anything that definitively says he was a full participant.
  5. Claypool is Martavis Bryant to DJs Antonio Brown
  6. I would loosely use the term "football coach" with Hue Jackson and Bill O'Brien.
  7. Interestingly enough, the Bills actually had MORE time of possession than the Titans - 32:24 to 27:36 32 minutes is about the average TOP for the Bills this season. Perhaps just an off game by Allen.
  8. Careful - Chargers are on bye this coming week. Schedule got moved around from all the COVID fall out. I grabbed the Chargers D trying to be a week ahead - jokes on me.
  9. I think so. I don't see anyone else that's "must have" and for me, if Mattison can help win 1 week then it's worth it. The way this season is going, I'm taking things one week at a time and Mattison would be a great help next week if Cook sits. We know the story with Cook, he tends to get banged up. Even if he comes back after the bye, solid chance he's hurt again at some point.
  10. If you're hurting at QB (Dak) or need a bye week filler for next few weeks, go and grab Stafford today. Should still be an FA since he didn't play yet. Gets Jax and ATL next 2 games.
  11. He didn't get one this week, but he also tends to get a few rush attempts each game as well. Look at total opportunities - 6, 9, 7, 7, 8 Catch % has gone up every game. I would absolutely put a claim in for Laviska if he's still on waivers.
  12. Hard to drop this guy with the TE landscape as it is. If Tonyan, Schultz, etc. are still sitting out there it might make sense but who else are you grabbing? Drew Sample, Mo-Allie Cox, Gesicki, etc. are all in the same boat as Hurst. Even Ertz sucks this year. Unless you have Kelce, Kittle or Andrews it's a crapshoot at TE. I would mention Johnu, but who knows when they'll be able to play football next.
  13. That's awful. Could be having a monster season.
  14. Ehh I disagree. Even after that pathetic performance against KC, the Patriots offense is still 9th in the league in yards/game, and 22nd in points/game. 22nd doesn't sounds great, but if we look at Weeks 1-3 with their starting QB, they were averaging 29 PPG, which would be 10th in the NFL. So by my eyes, New England actually hosts a top 10 offense when their QB is starting. Harris isn't involved in the passing game "yet." It was his first game this season, and only his second game of his career. Perhaps the passing game work will come. Might not, but I think it's too early to definitively say one way or the other if he'll be involved in the passing game. Cam has been the #1 option at the goal line I agree. But is that because they haven't had an RB like Harris to pound it in when they get close? Possibly. I agree with the muddy backfield notion. It's New England, so we always have to approach the backfield carefully. But Harris got 17 carries last night, in a game with their back-up QB and they were trailing. Now enter Cam Newton and his ability to open up the running game with his rushing ability. We've seen time and time again how mobile/rushing QBs actually improve their RBs output because of their own running threat. I vaguely remember the Sony Michel thread getting very excited for this reason once Cam signed over the summer. Harris is my #1 add this week. Michel is on IR so it's not THAT muddy of a situation. James White has his role. But Burkhead took a back seat to Harris this week in the touch department. Only 1 game, but if we get 15+ carries regularly from this guy when Cam is on the field, that's going to be gold.