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  1. Yeah I mean if they sign Brady then I'm all over KA next year. However I imagine many people will share the same sentiment and could push KA's ADP pretty high. If they draft a QB like Herbert or Tua then who knows. We could get half a season of Tyrod and half with the new rookie. Could get a full season of Tyrod while the rookie sits. Could get a whole season of the rookie. I think the only way I'm targeting KA next year is if they bring in an established vet such as Brady, Stafford, etc. Otherwise I'm probably staying away.
  2. Plus we know Anthony Lynn loves to run the ball. If Tyrod is the full time starter next year, I imagine they will incorporate a bunch of zone read and option type plays. Similar to Baltimore but not to the same extent. Plus now we have to consider a decent number of pass attempts will turn into scrambles, which Rivers couldn't do. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chargers averaged around 30 pass attempts per game next year. At 61% completion, that's only about 18 completions per game. About 20% of the passing attempts under Lynn have gone to RBs. You could argue that was because Philip Rivers targets the RB more than others, or maybe it was the offense. So we're looking at most 15 completions per game to WRs and TEs. I'll take a shot on the talent of KA if he falls to the 4th-5th round, but right now (yes it's early I know) he's ranked end of the 2nd/early 3rd.
  3. Who's to say Stefanski won't be? I would think the Browns would learn from their mistakes but chose to go with the first time head coach again. Kitchens and Stefanski both have similar career paths - started out in college, then worked through various position coaches in the NFL, one year as an OC, and then Head Coach. Stefanski actually worries me a bit because the Vikings had Kubiak to help with the run game coordination. How much did Stefanski actually do? Did he call plays? Genuine questions because I don't know. The Vikings were 30th in pass attempts last year and 23rd in passing yards. Cleveland this year was actually ahead of them in both departments - 19th in attempts and 22nd in yards. Do we think Stefanski brings the running game focus to Cleveland, or was that because of Zimmer and Kubiak? I honestly have on clue what to think here. The talent of OBJ is obviously off the charts, but it's been a few years now since we've seen him produce at a top level either due to lack of production or injury. To me, OBJ is the perfect guy to grab around the 4th round. Get my 2 RBs squared away, get a reliable WR1, and then grab OBJ as the upside WR2.
  4. Agree - one of my favorite targets for next year. Value might get pushed up too high, so we'll see where ADP lands but definitely targeting him. And this is a little off topic, but good god there are going to be a TON of quality WRs next year.
  5. I'm all in on DJ Moore next year as long as the QB is at least average. Weeks 1-15 (got hurt immediately in Week 16) Moore was the WR8 in PPR, WR10 in Half, and WR12 in Standard. The dude had a clearly injured Cam Newtown and Kyle Allen throwing him the ball all year. Give me someone like Dalton, Bridgewater, Rivers or healthy Cam coming back and I'm all in. Even if Carolina gets stuck with Allen another year, or grabs someone like Case Keenum or even Matt Moore as a plug for a year, I'm still taking Moore and his value probably gets suppressed a bit.
  6. Easy choice for me to keep Preston over Keke. Preston has the tools to turn into a true #1 and could over take Parker next year, where as Keke is going to be #3 at best.
  7. No clue right now if he will or won't be. Seems like all the greats eventually found new teams when people thought it was hard to believe - Montana, Manning, Namath, Favre, etc. But perhaps New England gives it one more run with their dominant defense and brings Brady back for one more season.
  8. And all the Bengals along with it. Maybe the Burrow hype will get too big this off-season and push the Bengals players too high, but for now I'm a big fan of Mixon and Boyd.
  9. That's a good point I forgot. If fantasy has taught me anything, is that typically consistency is rewarded. Everyone thought this time last year Kitchens was an upgrade and the Browns were Superbowl bound. Stefanski could fall flat on his face for all we know. But even in the midst of all the turmoil this year, Chubb still produced. I think he's one of those players that is going to perform no matter the circumstances. And if Stefanski commits to him like Cook, and they even slightly improve the OL, and Baker even slightly improves, big season in coming for Chubb.
  10. Not eager to hang on to him. Still young so worth it if you can, but if you need to cut down rosters, or make a move to sign someone else I have no reservation getting rid of Coutee. Additionally, Hopkins, Stills and Fuller are all under contract for at least one more year. Perhaps you hang on to Keke for 2022 when Fuller and Stills are possibly free agents, but is that really worth it?
  11. I used a high pick on Kelce this year in multiple leagues and it proved very worthy. CSB but I actually won the championship in each league I owned Kelce this year. Granted that doesn't mean anything, but doesn't mean nothing. Kelce is a stud who provides WR1 numbers at your TE spot. Since there are only a handful of top notch TEs, odds are Kelce is outscoring your opponent on close to a weekly basis. Plus the added benefit of not needing to spend time/resources on streaming a TE, or figuring out which to play every week, gives you more time spend on other things. This year might even be closer to Kelce's floor than his ceiling. Mahomes got injured and missed a few games. Tyreek got hurt and missed a few. The running game wasn't a typical Andy Reid running game. Kelce got a lot of attention this year, and under performed in the TD department. If Mahomes plays a full 16 next year, and Kelce gets back to the 8-10 TD range, he'll be worth every penny.
  12. Hopefully Stefanski rides Chubb next year the same way the Vikings rode Cook this season. Not sure if that was more Kubiak, but never the less Stefanski comes from a team that rode its workhorse for a great season. Anything has to be an upgrade over Kitchens right? I'll never forget that Sunday night game against the Rams where the Browns were 1st and Goal at the end of the game and ran 4 straight passes out of an empty set. As long as Hunt moves on, I'm buying Chubb everywhere I can.
  13. Two down banger on a crappy offense. Not saying Monty can't be used more in the passing game, but he wasn't this year. Learned my lesson over the years to stay away from two down bangers on crappy offenses. Especially an offense lead by Nagy and Trubisky? No thanks.
  14. Fading: Lamar Jackson - as long as Greg Roman is back as OC, I expect another monster year from Jackson. However his likely price tag of top 15-20ish will make me stay far away. Russell Wilson - finished the season as a top 5 QB, but was held up from a monster game against New Orleans early in the season. He stunk in the latter part of the season (QB15 weeks 8-16), and if Seattle can help it, they want to run the ball as much as possible. Going to get drafted as a Top 5 QB - staying far away at that price. Aaron Jones - 19 TDs will absolutely come down next year. Still think he has a good year since GB is committed to running the ball, but I think Jones gets drafted as a top 5ish back and I don't expect the TD numbers to come close to this year. Leonard Fournette - as poster above mentioned, abnormally healthy this year. Still finished as RB9 in points per game, plus has a nice floor from his passing work he got. However who knows if the passing work continues into next year, plus I hate owning RBs on crap offenses, which I expect Jax to be next year. Mark Ingram - If he stays healthy all season, I expect another good year. However everyone is going to want a piece of BAL's offense next year, and Ingram might cost you a top 15-20 pick as well. 30 years old next season and I just don't think he will return value on his ADP next year. 15 TDs should come down next year. Absolutley don't expect 5 receiving TDs at least. Kenyan Drake - no specific reason to fade him, since he seems like a great fit for KK's offense. I'm just always skeptical of the RB that comes on strong late in the season and gets drafted high the following year. James Conner - can't trust him to stay healthy. Mike Evans - too streaky for me. He'll still have a great year, finish in the Top 10. But he'll be boom/bust along the way. Devante Parker - renaissance type year this year. If Fitzpatrick is the starting QB next year I'll take a shot again, but he'll for sure have a high ADP next year, and always risk of a new QB at some point coming in. TY Hilton - can't stay healthy at this point and isn't the same guy he used to be. Won't buy him as a top 35 WR next year. DK Metcalf - same logic as Wilson. People will be all over Metcalf - second year breakout, physical freak, came on strong end of season. I just think the passing volume won't be there to give you consistency. Alshon Jeffery - can't stay healthy and kills you when he gets injured on the first play of the game. Provided a few good games this year, but impossible to trust - James Conner of WRs. Buying: Carson Wentz - crazy injuries to the entire offense this year. Should get more help back next year. Still finished as QB10 Kyler Murray - going into year 2, provides a rushing floor. Continuity with the coach and system should provide improvement. Joe Mixon - Continuity in Year 2 with Zac Taylor's system. Committed more to Mixon as the year went on and he flourished. Get Jonah Williams back next year. Should see a new QB at the helm. Should get some help this off-season as well. Devin Singletary - should have the backfield to himself next year. Very effective when he got the majority of touches. Buffalo should have a strong defense again next year, keeping game scripts close, plus Singletary is a great pass catcher as well. Justice Hill - Gus Edwards a FA this off-season, plus I'm already fading Ingram next year. If Ingram gets nicked up, Hill could see a great deal of work. Even without an injury, look at how much run Edwards got this year. Hill could carve out at least a decent flex role if Ingram stays healthy, way more upside if an injury were to hit. Miles Sanders - hype will already be high this off-season, but I'm buying in the event they don't bring back Howard and don't sign/draft another big name. Same idea as Wentz - if Sanders has the backfield to himself, getting pieces back on offense should make it a better offense overall. Juju Smith-Schuster - was dominant when the offense was healthy. Should have Big Ben back next year, and the offense should be much better. Robert Woods - always undervalued and always produces. TDs didn't go his way this year, but that should revert back to the mean. PPR gold. Michael Gallup - Cooper might be gone and Gallup going into Year 3.
  15. I think we might see a shift towards more power/heavy run schemes. Passing has been all the vogue in the NFL in recent years, and as such, defenses have had to adjust to smaller, faster, nickel type defenses to keep up. If the defense is putting smaller players on the field, line up and pound it down their throats.