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  1. Should be playing a lot more but super happy with this line desperately needed the blocks
  2. I’m essentially a lock for playoffs and current pace, so wont be dropping unless a must add guy comes along. But no surgery feels like a mini win for us
  3. Untouchable Everyone in my league wants him but hes going nowhere 🥰🥰 So fun to own
  4. This guys insane hes pulling up fully contested and draining it
  5. Only reason he hasnt been dropped by hot s--- is the amount of games he has this week. He doesnt need to be good, just dont hurt me too much ffs Bridges
  6. What an absolute god. Almost traded him too, by far my best day in fantasy all time.
  7. Used my waiver priority to pick him up after he got dropped early this year, might be my favourite line so far especially considering I’m in a double double league
  8. Best back to back stream I’ve done so far this season, really needed this Sato thanks 🥰
  9. Yeah hes been pretty underwhelming mainly because the inconsistency is maddening
  10. Really poor mans CJ. Love him as a consistent end of roster dude
  11. His supporting cast is laughable, surely hes gonna take a fat fg% hit this year when teams can double him for the entire game to their benefit.
  12. If anyone is panicking after that game, they must have not played fantasy bball very long lol. Jrue is in no danger of having Ingram, Hart and Ball stealing his usage 😂. He passed a little too much today for my liking im sure we’ll see him be more aggressive with his shot from now on.
  13. Yeah not bad free throws got me hard as diamonds tbh
  14. Who is the PF alternative lmao, plus tell me who the backup center is, Pau Gasol’s lifeless corpse? Collins is going to play a lot.