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  1. Apparently not. Williams posted on Instagram that he appreciated concern about how he is feeling and said that he is doing well. “Only thing hurting right now is my pride for not being able to finish the game with my team. It’s all gonna be good,” Williams wrote.
  2. They are being cautious, he was knocked out cold.
  3. What about Coutee or Crowder? The hype around Crowder is loud.
  4. I dont think he has WR1 upside, he's a gadget guy but he will be used multiple ways in the offense. Probably a wait and see waiver wire guy but there is potential for him to put up some points. PS- I know you were fu**ing with me
  5. Anyone seeing value in him this year? They have been playing him all over the field in training camp and he will be returning kicks, which in my league gets you extra points.
  6. Aaron Jones - ADP 28 - Led the league with a 5.5 yard per carry average on 133 touches / 728 yards / 8 TD's. Also added 26 catches / 206 yards / 1 TD. With McCarthy gone and LaFleur intent on running the ball more I expect he has a chance at top 10 RB numbers in 2019. Many don;t believe Rodgers will get on board with LaFleur's gameplan but I think that is hogwash. Plus, everyone from Green Bay fans to the media wants them to run more. Book it.
  7. Why can't he be referring to Carson or Davis? Seahawks coach Pete Carroll suggested Rashaad Penny may not have much of a Week 11 role. "When everybody’s healthy, not everybody’s going to get the ball," Carroll said. "That’s just the way it goes. Chris [Carson] is going to be healthy this week." This throws shade on Penny forcing his way into a timeshare. Penny's blowup Week 10 has earned him a few more reps after getting buried the last few games, but this is still Carson's backfield.
  8. Time charges of the guard....I like what I have not seen....
  9. The big hurdle was the coaching staff and being a rookie...They got over that though real quick after last week...
  10. Anybody else feeling like Tre'quan becomes fantasy relevant tongiht?
  11. Both have upside but who would you rather have. If Smith breaks out today he could be the #2 moving forward. Or, Godwin? HELP