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  1. The thing that has me puzzled is that he has both starting wideouts out with injuries making him the de facto lead receiver but he doesn’t produce still. Not sure if it’s the offense or his lack of rapport with Rivers but I’m going to have a tough time figuring out whether to drop him or not these next few hours
  2. I’m still holding on to him - he’s still gets the “majority” of touches and was the goal line back
  3. Any word on Ingram’s ankle injury? Taken out of the game for precaution
  4. I never really paid attention to the Kubiak RB system until last year - those RB's really churn out the production under a Kubiak run scheme! It's amazing - Cook is so fun to watch
  5. Not to mention the pending return of Reagor - it's going to be messy but Wentz clearly had a solid connection with Fulgham today and has said glowing things about the guy. This one is really tough although I have stashed Alshon personally
  6. Such a stud - [...] he's a target/PPR beast. [...] I'm happy with the ARob production so far with Foles.
  7. I believe Saints play Monday so we won't hear back on any realistic status until Thursday I would imagine. I think I might drop him for Schultz (if I get him on waivers) with the Saints upcoming BYE
  8. Hey all, Thinking of trading away my Drew Brees in return for Matt Ryan in my 14 team league. This league gives 6 points for every passing TD so I figured it would be a fair trade in a way. Do you think this trade is worth it? If so, which side would you say wins? Feel free to drop your question in the comments - more than happy to help out in return.
  9. Can't bring myself to drop him. Can't wait until MT and Jared Cook comes back - hopefully the offense gets better
  10. I'd want in on this offense - they are like the Atlanta Falcons little brother playing from behind with a terrible defense. I'm thinking about dropping Jared Cook for Schultz
  11. I didn't watch the game but what is seriously up with Hilton? He should be getting all these opportunities since Campbell and Pittman are out but he has been super subpar. Is it just the offensive scheme or was he just ranked too highly
  12. Might scoop him up [...] Also eyeing Robert Tonyan (TE for the Packers) but might give it a few weeks after Davante Adams comes back
  13. I think I may [pick up] Graham - he looked very involved in the RZ
  14. Anyone else kind of concerned with Brees going forward with MT's potential injury? On top of that,Taysom Hill continues to steal some plays 🥴 but I guess that's the risk owners take.
  15. Akers not looking good so far - I remember people hyping how well he did despite his FSU o-line being terrible. Rams o-line isn’t the time great either but he’s struggling. Kinds salty I wasted a pick on this guy