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  1. I apologize if this was mentioned before.....i didn't scroll through every page. I read an article shortly after the draft that said Patrick Moneyhomes said that he got a text message when the draft started from the boss asking who his top 3 guys that he would like to see drafted...his response was Clyde! If that is correct...The Chiefs are going to keep him happy which means i wouldn't be surprised if Clyde is the DAWG sooner rather than later!!!
  2. I'm waaay more excited about M.A. with hurst being traded outta balt.
  3. well.....i think he will still be a top notch fantasy QB.....for guys in keeper leagues....possible trade chip for a blockbuster deal!
  4. League #1 Lamar, Andrews, Drake League #2 Lamar, Saquan, Drake, Julio
  5. last two weeks probably locked him into the #1 slot for 2020!!!
  6. i have both and will be rolling Cook unless news breaks out they are resting him...which i doubt happens....they need to win to keep pace
  7. welll....tough call because cook could realistically rack up something like this BEFORE halftime..... 10 carries 88 yrs 3 rec. 35 yrds 1 or 2 tds
  8. throwing out a WR for was a BEAST for a split second...............David Boston.....was all on board for that derailment,
  9. down 51 points......ppr league have lamar, andrews and zuerline going.....should be close but should prevail!!
  10. ALLLLLL ABOARD.....FLASH TRACK EXPRESS leaving the station shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!