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  1. How can you not produce with this cast of offensive weapons. I'm giving him one more week then tossing in the bin if its the same type of result as last night.
  2. Drake is so bad. Cards just dont want to look like schmucks so they are forced to use him.
  3. Is Goff the worst starting QB in the NFL right now? Trying to think who would challenge him for that title..
  4. Woods gets perfectly placed passes, but when it's thrown to Kupp, Goff thinks he's Manute Bol.
  5. Belichick and McDaniels waiting for Hoyer after the game
  6. I'm worried Sanders is going to get hurt with this fakakta O-Line.
  7. What a pathetic outing by the Rams. They look like they want this game over ASAP.
  8. Brilliant play-calling for Kupp 🙄
  9. Drake sucks, this guy needs a crack at the top spot.
  10. Hang it up. The guy looks like the corpse of Tutankhamun running around there, and is about as brittle if not more.
  11. AJ Green legit forgot how to play football...he's just a gangly decoy right now.