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  1. From a Fantasy perspective it was a great game... but the game was a blowout by the Broncos in the third quarter..Watson did not do a thing prior to that... instead of being benched the Texans continued to gun the ball 50+ times resulting in his statline.
  2. Freeman comes in, plods for 3 plays and runs back out. Let's hope that was his one series.
  3. Jags have had the worst red zone offense this year.
  4. Not really his fault if you have Jeff Spicoli trying to toss him the pigskin.
  5. Goof = Benched McGay = Fired Nuke the entire team.
  6. McVay apparently was sending nudes to Harbaughs wife.
  7. Guy has issues...missed FG's and XP's galore. On the other hand they play the Skins next week.
  8. Biggest first round bust of 2019. No contest.
  9. Barkley is a RB2/Flex at Best on this Giant Turd of an offense. Inept Dimes + Mongoloid Shurmur + gimpy ankle = no bueno.