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  1. What's "wrong" with it though? Maybe a little unrealistic, but we're all pretty unrealistic around here, I just think "wrong" isn't the word to use here.
  2. For sure, but I figured that was an opportunity to send out that message, for anyone else that wanted to hear something like that.
  3. Of course you would never bench your 3rd rounder *cough* I mean 9th rounder for any silly reasons. But I had serious reservations playing this guy today, with how all the players talk about being young, and in Miami, probably had some fun last night.
  4. Elite rebounding and potential 1.0 shot blocker at SF position with good %'s Struck gold here.
  5. Had to choose between him and MPJ, so far liking my decision lol. Maybe the consistentcy, the difference between a second year and a rookie, a bad team and a good team, raw talent vs polished talent.
  6. Lol I'm not sorry, get closer to Harden and AD please. And 1.5blk's too man, do we need to get Thibs back in there? I would never apologize for having my own expectations, and someone can't handle them or my reactions. They'll try to shame you, but in reality, they just can't handle it. It's one thing to direct your frustrations at a certain person, its another to just vent out loud, hurting no one really. Great game though KAT, glad you're healthy, you're the best, around, nothings gonna ever keep you down!
  7. If anything, it's Royce going to the bench when Conley is back and ready, since they have Clarkson to spark offense, don't need Joe there. I don't think they want to mess up that Ingles/Gobert chemistry.
  8. Nah man, there's 4/7, there's 5/9 and then there's 3 OUT OF 9..... .333....Oh what 1 out of 3?,.. no biggie...hehe......NOPE.....3 OUT OF 9 I don't care if it was Drummond shooting them, that will always hurt my NBA fantasy soul. I don't want that to be part of the pakage, I look forward to him improving, he's in his third year, I like seeing young people improve.
  9. Suprisingly still in the positive for value with his -4 in FT's. And only 1 stl. Easily a 2nd rounder if he fixed his damn FT's. This one is going to really sting for him, was getting booed, and his FT's could've been the difference in the game.
  10. Yep, although this is against Luka and seems like there will be a lot possessions in this game, hopefully he can balance it out with a big night, maybe go 6/8 by end of the game, please mang, you're finally under rank 100.
  11. Back to back, after a loss, terrible performance, @ Bucks? Monster game incoming lolz.
  12. I always read and hear about players needing to get in rhythm, and it's looking like the case for him and Ayton as far as FG% goes. I was banking on him shooting around 48-50% on the year, especially if he's going to be less than two 3pt/game. I want to say the same about his FT's but history and past game logs says he's right where he's supposed to be, bracing myself for a couple 3/5, 4/7 nights. Hope I'm wrong though and he ends the year 80% on 7attempts :D.
  13. Man you don't like my trade? Why not? What's up with that eye roll mang? You got suggestions?
  14. Yeah I don't know what to expect with this guy. Was planning on going the wait and see route, see how he handles being on a scouting report, but these two Cleveland games will probably be his best chances for production of the next five. Also last game of a long a** road trip, going West to East, but he's still fresh so maybe that doesn't affect him? Hmm..I'm not so brave, wait and see it is...
  15. Mang, if that 3pt shot is the real deal...its going to open up his game so much.....30min a night please...confidence gotta be on a high right now beating the Bucks after they lost without you.