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  1. I was about to take Oakland as well, then I saw this 👇
  2. Drums, @papasmurf. And with a freaking tomahawk. These Braves don’t mess around haha
  3. Hey, no problem @bly08 I personally wouldn’t read too much into the home/road thing next year, though, as it’s more likely than not something that can be chalked up to the crazy times we’re in... like maybe he’s a bit more worried about COVID than others and it’s made him uncomfortable travelling to different cities/hotel rooms/club houses/etc... but who knows 🤷‍♂️
  4. Fair enough. I guess I’m just a bit of a glass-half-full kinda guy when it comes to players like Dansby. The home/road splits are thin, I’ll admit that, but in a crazy shortened season such as this, sometimes it’s all we have to go on... Plus my waiver wire is absolute garbage as far guys who can contribute in both power and speed, so I guess I’m just hoping that the trend holds for just one more week. Haha
  5. Well, for starters, how about the 44 game sample before this slump began? You know, the one where he was slashing .310/.375/.500 with 7 HRs, 5 SBs, 43 runs scored and 25 RBIs?
  6. True. But the 9 game skid you’d be dismissing him over is an even smaller one
  7. Aside from hitting 4 HRs he’s been pretty brutal on the road this year, slashing a weak .214/.279/.359 with only a single stolen base over 29 games. In contrast, in 23 home games he’s hit .344/.422/.533 with 3 homers, 8 doubles and 4 steals. Seeing as the Braves play their final 7 games at home, I think I’m going to just cross my fingers and ride this out.
  8. Yep. Unless he was pulled for other reasons I’m not aware of... but either way, as you said, not a good sign.
  9. Finally gets a start and gets pulled mid-game because Kapler is afraid to let him face super stud RHP Kendall Graveman. I’m out.
  10. FINALLY an update: The good: Kapler suggested that with the Mariners pitching lefty Nick Margevicius on Thursday, Slater probably will start... The not-so-good: Kapler said he’s hopeful “things will trend in the right direction” with Slater’s throwing, but it’s getting more difficult to see him playing the field this season with each day.
  11. Also, if you’re looking for some pop, you may want to stream James McCann (19% owned) against Jose Berríos. Career .333 hitter (8-for-24) with 4 bombs.
  12. Another SB tout here... Shogo Akiyama seems to have taken over the lead-off spot in Cincinnati, hitting .300 with a .440 OBP and 5 steals over his past 15 games. He’ll face two right handers in a doubleheader tomorrow against the Pirates. Just 20% owned in yahoo leagues.
  13. How does a guy go from “tendinitis, needs a few days off” to “needs surgery, out for season” in such a short span of time? There has to be a Mets connection in here somewhere