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  1. Thanks for the help with mine. Goff. Tonight’s game has an over under of 49.5 so it should be a shootout. Calloway for upside, Godwin for floor. Agholor especially with Wentz back in second game. Id probably go Collins but Kerryon looked fantastic last week.
  2. I can keep 2 players. Realistically I'd probably keep Mahomes next year based on value and I don't like taking a QB early. My concern with Wilson is his offensive line. He's running for his life out there. Im trying to decide if the drop from Elliot to Hunt is worth the increase from Wilson to Elliot. Hunt's lack of receptions worries me, but so does Dallas offense.
  3. I would do that for sure. Baldwin flirts with WR1 numbers when healthy. Help with mine please.
  4. I would probably stick with Hooper. A case can be made for Butt, he's intrigued me so far I have an eye on him. Help with mine please.
  5. It might be slightly too much. See if he will throw in Godwin, Tannehill or Funchess. If not I would probably still make this deal. Thomas > Green but Rodgers is an every week starting QB so i think its a little much. Help with mine?
  6. I would make that deal. It would be a done deal easy if it was ppr.
  7. I was offered Mahomes and Hunt for Ezekiel Elliot. I am giving up Elliot. 12 team ppr league. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX 1DEF QB - I have Wilson, Mayfield RB - Elliot, Dion Lewis, Mark Ingram and Lat Murray The other factors are keeper value. - Mahomes 13th round keeper next season - Elliot cannot be kept. - Hunt 1st round keeper next season. Interested to hear your thoughts and WHIR. Thanks fellas.
  8. This is a very even trade, not sure I see where your team significantly improves tho. Dez and Freeman both banged up and Miller stock is down. Theilen is solid. I would lean slightly towards a yes, but when I wake up tomorrow I might lean no. Help with mine please.
  9. I'd try to move Shepherd/Hyde for Fournette or Thomas/Hyde for him also. I wouldn't give up too much your team is pretty stacked. Help with mine please.
  10. I would drop Smith. There isn't a week ROS I'd sit Wilson for Smith and Seattle already had their bye. Second vote to Richardson because he won't see the lineup over any RB or WR. Thanks for mine.
  11. I like Parker here also. Second vote to JJSS. I don't trust Jordy either its just tough looking at him on the bench and not in the lineup. There's always a chance because, well he's Jordy but Hundley has been terrible so far. Go with Parker for the safer option, JJSS for the huge game potential or Jordy if you're stubborn lol. Good luck. Thanks for mine.
  12. I'm 3-6 trying to scrape and claw into the playoffs. Only 2 games back from a spot. PPR, start 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1 FLEX I was offered 4 similar trades from the same owner. I'm going to make a deal, just want other opinions. Trade 1: Evans for Wilson/Ginn Trade 2: Evans for Wilson/Corey Davis Trade 3: Hyde for Wilson/Ginn Trade 4: Hyde for Wilson/Corey Davis I'm leaning towards trade 4 at the moment. Here's my team: QB: Wilson/Prescott WR: Green/Dez/Davante Adams/Ginn/Corey Davis RB: Martin/Mixon/Lynch/Aaron Jones TE: Doyle/Rudolph WHIR, thanks in advance fellas.
  13. I was very high on Hopkins this year and I drafted him in two leagues. I traded him before the Watson injury and after I lost obj for Crabtree/Baldwin, so I got lucky on that one. Last night I traded him straight up for McCoy. Anyone looking to trade that's where the value is right now. In my opinion I would sell high because Savage is terrible.
  14. Cousins will be fine this week, I'm starting him over Winston. If Earl Thomas is out he will get a major boost. Kam was limited also.