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  1. This is helpful. Considering trading for Richaun, but I'm super worried about his playing time once Bagley returns. Trying to stay prudent but man, Holmes lines night-in and night-out are awesome.
  2. Man, he’s not doing jack tonight. Anybody watching?
  3. Subscribed to Basketball Monster this year and I've been playing around with the trade monster feature to see what potential deals will do to the standings. Anybody used this feature in prior years? I know it's all projections, but did you think it was somewhat accurate?
  4. Haven't heard any news yet, but I did read that his teammates said they didn't think it wasn't serious, for what's that worth. Starting to regret trading for him. I think he'll pick it up though.
  5. All I’m saying is he’s doing exactly what I expected him to do
  6. where did you draft him? Did you pick him up on the wire? How many teams in your league? DwP doesn’t hurt you anywhere. Sure, he won’t win homecoming king, but he’s the guy that f$&?s the homecoming queen and you don’t hear about it until your 10 year reunion, and by then, it’s too late
  7. JR is never going to blow anyone’s mind. He is a SF/SG version of BroLo with more steals and above average blocks for his position. If you were hoping for a high fg% you drafted him for the wrong reason. His d stats from his position eligibility gives you room to work with a non defensive C like Sabonis for example. J Rich is awesome in roto and I’ll die on that hill
  8. Fact: he’s a rookie. Huge learning curves: a.) rookie b.) usually comes off bench c.) learning pace of play. i won’t put him in my lineup anymore when he starts. He’s not ready for that role yet. I’ll play him when embiid is back but thybulle is not good in the starting lineup (yet)
  9. Just flipped my Caris for JJJ, but now I'm a little concerned after reading some of these comments. Always check The Forum first. I think JJJ gets it figured out. Season still young, learning how to play with Ja, and there's a new coach/system in town. Still very early in the season so I'm hoping this foul issue gets figured out. The rest will fall into place after than.
  10. Are we venturing into 12 team territory with him?
  11. *Rubs hands together, waiting for the feast* has anybody been able to trade him? I’ve offered him up in a few packages but nobody wants to bite. Still seems to be under the radar unless he’s on your squad.
  12. Got 25 minutes last night. That’s all I needed to see. Firing him up the rest of the way.
  13. I started him last time Embiid was out and it didn't go very well.... but I'm gonna do it again and again.
  14. Are you guys holding? Up to 25+ minutes last night but still didn’t play well. Does he need Trae out there to take the next steps that everyone thinks he’ll take?