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  1. Only unless people are not paying attention. Otherwise they should know his value will drop soon.
  2. He is the in the very good for a long time HOF. Period.
  3. Too soon. They could draft another RB. Sign someone else in FA and RBBC is likely.
  4. Mid 2nd rounder in a full point ppr.
  5. You don't know who the QB will be. It could be a check down charlie.
  6. He had covid during a short season. Expect big things.
  7. They will probably bring a veteran or rookie. It won't play out the same. It rarely does.
  8. About to drop is arse as soon as I see a hot waiver target. If he comes to life oh well.
  9. A ton of Rogers TD's are within 5 to 10 yards. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  10. Yeah on paper that works if they stay healthy. Most guys don't repeat their seasons from the year before. So, I will still go RB heavy always. Though since I play PPR they have to catch passes too.
  11. Horrible site. No idea how anyone plays on there. I did for a few years. So obnoxious to use.
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