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  1. bye weeks are creeping up quick so I need to prepare for RB fill ins. Available RBs are: Gore and Barber Currently i have bell and kerryon Malcom Brown and Ty Montgomery. I traded away Sanders for Watkins I dont feel good on either one the available RBs. Should i just wait and just plug in Malcom Brown for bye weeks?
  2. nice pickup handcuffs. Pettis' remaining schedule looks brutal TBH. i think you might stay put if this is a #1 priority
  3. That wasnt Cooper, it was Beasley that was clearly short but Saints couldn’t challenge
  4. Unfortunately this happens every year to some leagues. The best way to avoid this strategy (assuming 12 men team) is having all teams playing against the field instead of typical matchup. The highest 6 scoring teams for the week win.
  5. If you rode with DJ all year and make it to the playoff, congratulation!!!!
  6. If you get Chubb owner to trade then take that right away
  7. I would lean Golladay + M Jones might be out too so they will have to feed him (by theory). Davis has been a dud all season when away from home.
  8. If this man doesn’t suit up I’m screwed
  9. I didn’t a choice but played last week and he rewarded by just 1 bomb lol. This guy is so hard to drop yet so scary to plug him in. That said I’m still holding on to him
  10. Sony will eventually catch lot of passes too don’t forget. People are scared of NE backfield but it’s very clear that’s Sony is Hoodie’s new shiny toy
  11. Yes I’m crippled with byes and Kupp is injuried so I might have to roll the dice with Goodwin