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  1. all you guys all over Charles jock strap will disappear from this thread when he proves to be a shell of himself. getting hyped over a preseason game? good luck.. with that said, I have shares of Charles but I am keeping it realistic.
  2. People can vent, it doesn't mean they wont get criticized for their venting..
  3. If your drafting Mixon, you need to know what you are getting. I selected Mixon because I expect him to be killing it during fantasy playoffs in the lead up to being THE man next year; not with the expectation that he will be the guy from day one. Don't expect high year end statistics. If you are selecting him, the most ideal scenario is going to be him taking over when it matters the most down the stretch (matters for those of that can sustain a winning lineup until then). I fully expect him to be a top back when it matters the most.
  4. comparing cooks to Brandon Lloyd and Brandon lafell?....ok....Yeah I guess BB traded a 1st rounder to use Cooks as a Brandon Lloyd... I am not entirely ceratin you DO understand the argument that cooks is better then those two.
  5. I expected to see some stars being moved in this deal making it heavily one sided but no, I don't. its certainly not great nor completely even but it is not as egregious as your making it out to be. If I was a member in the league and NOT involved in this deal, id be angry if you got involved and vetoed. Vetoing should be saved for the most serious of issues. a 2.04 in a rookie draft is not THAT big that it makes this unreasonably even. Do you baby the idiots in your league who don't have a full understanding of dynasty value because almost every league has one?
  6. Seriously? You thought he was talking about that mike Thomas? and then you insult someone else thereafter? yikes...
  7. is that what you got out of that play? interesting.
  8. Bingo. A smaller workload is going to make it easier to average more per touch. McCaff is going to have to grind, at times.
  9. Just chill on this team for a bit. Its solid.
  10. If this is dynasty format i absolutely lock in elliott and place the wager that he will turn it around mentally for the love of money.
  11. Is this is redraft? It seems you have the rb core to weather the storm until elliott gets back so i would personally. Something about locking in 15 pts a week at rb down the stretch that gets me goin..
  12. I think we need to accept rookie TE success for what it is- so rare we cannot expect it. Gary was a seasoned vet who had gone through the nuances of an nfl season. Although im high on njoku and feel he will be way better then gary as he progresses, it is also foolish, from an analytical standpoint to put trust in a rookie TE. I dont like fleener but you should grab the guy to pad up the TE position. Make njoku prove it to you before you go into a season with him as your TE1 otherwise someones goin to scoop fleener(eventually) and if njoku falls in line with rookie TE perfomance you will be left in a tough spot.
  13. Beckham howard and ayaji? Did ayaji slip to round three? Nice team. I would like to see who was taken late 2nd ahead of ayaji. Im not a fan of him but value is value.
  14. Id try to pair one of your wr with hunt or henry to the demarco or ware owner for a more legit wr. You have very solid wrs though so its not necessary. Just lookin at how you could improve. Nice team.
  15. How many teams in this league plays a role in this question for me bc it enables us to see who may or may not be available second round. If its a large league i am inclined to lean rb bc workhorse rbs are thin. If its a 10 teamer you could get a good back to pair with AB on the way back.
  16. I take this in a heartbeat but i admit i have strong conviction on mixon. Guy is gonna be a stud when it matters most - the late season stretch - as he will be getting fed more and more in preparation for being THE man next year. This is redraft?
  17. With regard to the playbook, it will not take long for cutler as the schemes and terminology carried over from their shared tenure in chicago. I have had a hard time figuring out if he will bring parker to light but i think gase runs alot of plays through landry so he could remain on career averages but id take pryor over landry in standard bc i see more td upside with pryor. Not much has changed for landry - another 22 td 14 int type qb. In fact, cutler is known for his fumbles but hes even in line with tannehills fumble numbers. I mention it only bc those are drive killers.
  18. I think you picked a good team and should let it ride for a little bit. I dont see a major hole right off the bat that requires immediate attention.
  19. Hes vetoed deals in the past? Ok who vetoes his trades? You play with a sketchy commish with that move
  20. Dynasty standard start up draft. We know the top 7 off the board(DJ,bell,elliott,odell,ab,julio, evans) Who do you like 8th? I made a trade that landed picks 8,13,18,23. Thinking i can land ty hilton 18th so im debating the second batch of rbs with that 8th pick(mccoy freeman gordon howard)...just curious who some of you guys like.
  21. There is no question trubisky was impressive. He did what he is supposed to do well. I am just saying let us take it easy and see how HE fares against more elite secondaries and pass rushers.
  22. The guy also was facing guys trying to make the broncos roster. As a windy city native and bears fan,lets just relax a little until we see him facing the likes of von miller and company instead of third and fourth string defenders. Mile glennon WILL start the year out as the starter so i dont see a qb controversy
  23. Listed 4th on the depth chart. Wish Marvin would just cut the crap and get the best guys out there.
  24. Great point Thunder. Although I think its difficult to attribute it to being underused when you had another stud there in Perine but great point nonetheless. I personally wont put too much into it. I cant assume that it was because he just couldn't shoulder the burden when there was another goon there sharing the load. The coaches would have been mistaken in NOT using them both.
  25. limped off today. Sat on the sidelines with an ice pack on his ankle. Hopefully just a minor ding..not going back to get looked at further is hopefully a good indicator.