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  1. Sterling was carted off the field today in tears. Needed support to stand and was in noticeable pain. No bueno.
  2. They rode him all last year with a worse set of players on offense but teams have had an offseason to adjust so you may be right. If you are going to trade a 1st next year to get a TE this year at 1.09. I am trading the 1.09. Are there no options in FA at TE? Do not get me wrong, I drafted engram mid 2nd and think highly of this TE class...just trying to evaluate your opportunity cost.
  3. True statement. I am sure Tolbert will steal a few too somehow.
  4. well...that is who he is currently competing with for the slot role..long term though, I agree with you.
  5. I agree with bolt. Can you try to pressure him into letting you keep the 1.09...maybe try to give him a pair of 2nds(this year and a future).
  6. good catch. Awful spelling on that one.
  7. Ppr eliticists are so cool. They are automatically better at fantasy because they play ppr...smh
  8. Yeah he becomes an interesting add in Dynasty Startups with this in mind. Guy is still young so if you take him in dynasty you definitely have to know that the 2nd offense will always linger leading to a higher game suspension and so on..
  9. Did I miss something? You guys are arguing about info that is out there already. Was he not visiting friends(indicating he was in a parking lot), with the report stating that 3 cars smelled of weed creating the reasoning for the campus police to roll up(pun intended)? What we should be asking is 1) if the passenger claimed the weed and 2) if the gun was legal and stored according to Texas law, then why was he arrested? I imagine this is going to get dropped. Just my preliminary, UNEDUMUCATED, guess because I don't see any legitimate weight(pun intended) to hold him liable for either charge - assuming the lawyer is telling facts.
  10. This is a good thing. Let people continue to jump off the bandwagon.
  11. I take it that means you missed out on Freeman last year? Since he was only proven for one year?
  12. so your unproven statement is supposed to help people see that?
  13. Again...as I stated..someone DID make a statement implying that Langford would take away from Howard..thus my initial reaction. I was simply stating that no, that is not happening.
  14. Yes they were sold on him.. he proceeded to crap the bed. IF IF IF my friend.
  15. You sure about that? I see a comment referencing Langford working 3rd downs preventing howard from increasing his receiving numbers...so I am not sure about being confused.
  16. game scenario means nothing? If Langford were to get the ball in positive territory on most touches, wouldn't he have a high td to carry rate?
  17. did I see references about Langford chipping into Howard's work? what a joke.
  18. Hey Joshua, Im not a PPR guy so I may miss something but isn't Sammy a candidate for 60-70 catch range with a high YPC? wouldn't he be more attractive in standard? Just curious on your thought.
  19. Not sure I can get behind the Benjamin pryor comp. Why because they are both bigger? Pryor is much more athletic. one guy runs a 4.61 and the other can run a sub 4.4. I don't see a similar player.
  20. You are using OTA film to evaluate his speed? Bro, look at other OTA film..alot of these wr's are at half speed.
  21. J.T....last year the bears had to deal with JOSH BELLAMY and DEONTE THOMPSON running routes. As a bears fan, I can tell you, the depth(talent of the depth is another story) was very much needed