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  1. I know you say you’re not hating but this reads like some grade A haterade to me brotha
  2. snow tends to benefit the offense and benefit RBs in particular from what I seem to remember.
  3. Is panthers pass D elite vs WRs? Worried it’s going to be all Kamara and not much else. Also I’ve always thought Trequan kind of sucks but I could be wrong there too. Really really debating flexing him.
  4. Not a convincing argument, too reductionist. no doubt it’s cause he’s good but also part of it was the chemistry he and Ben developed over years and Bens proclivity to chuck the ball a whole lot. I just see a lot more roadblocks here plus a much older and more troubled brown, a coach that didn’t want to bring him in, a crowded field of elite receivers, and on and on.
  5. Does no one else think part of what made AB so good is the fact that Ben would pepper him with 15 targets a game? I don’t know if in a team with Brady at QB and so many weapons that can catch he’s going to command the type of surefire target share that makes him a WR1. I could see him becoming a solid WR2, with some up and down weeks eventually. I ask all this cause I don’t own him except in one league but considering trying to trade for him. This is my hesitation.
  6. this is exactly it, and it may backfire. Russ and the hawks are taking heat for being Brown apologists from the media already. The man assaulted/robbed a moving truck in January and pled no contest and has a pending rape case. This guy is radioactive and it’s a bad look for Russ & the hawks organization downplaying the seriousness of his misconduct over the last two years so that they can have another weapon on offense. I’m so curious to see how this ultimately unfolds.
  7. I’m sure AB is stoked to “grow as a man” lmao
  8. haha these “experts” man. Ya getting the most separation in the league your rookie year is super “average”. These cats just ride the latest hype trains like everyone else and have the memory length of about 2 weeks. These reductive sound bites on twitter help no one really. Healthy Diontae has a big role in this offense.
  9. I guess that’s better than getting cut. His career looks done, unfortunately. He’s got no pop left. I got a real tingle in my plums about this Hasty kid emerging this week. I think several others have called it but better to be early a week and have your league mates frustrated when the “waiver add of the week” is already on your roster.
  10. I thought speculating is what we do here sorry lol
  11. he’s not gonna take snaps from Lockett or DK tho so what role does he take over? David Moore’s snaps in 3wr sets? They’re not going to recreate the playbook overnight to thrust AB into a featured role when they have Lockett and DK so I could see this becoming frustrating for AB fast.
  12. The last thing I’d ever want to do as a coach is bring in an unhinged veteran who could derail the development of my budding superstar. But Hippie Petey sees himself as the patriarch of some sort of NFL halfway house so I’m sure it’s exactly what we’re gonna get. As a hawks fan I hate that this has become our MO to the point that we’d even take a shot on AB.
  13. I’m as nervous as anyone about this guy but damn if he’s the guy at the end of your bench you’re considering dropping your team must be stacked. I can’t imagine the waiver wire has more upside at this point either. He’s a hold and see in almost all cases. This week should be telling.
  14. his targets have been 8, 9, then 8. I think 8 targets will be the norm which is really all he needs in this greased up offensive juggernaught to pay low end WR1 dividends. Look out when he gets the inevitable 10-13 target game.