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  1. We will use Proboards to run the league, and ESPN for scoring. Free Entry 16 teams, dynasty, H2H points for scoring Must be active Leave your email below and I will get back to you with available teams/ Schedule There are 19 regular season weekly match ups, with 8 teams making the playoffs. Each playoff match is 1 week long. Playoff Setup 8 teams make the playoffs. 4 Division winners plus 4 wildcard teams. If you are in the consolation bracket, it does not benefit you to not set your lineup, as it does not impact the final draft order lottery. Rosters The starting lineup consists of 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 C, 3 Utility spots. There will be 10 bench spots and 3 IR spots. Free Agent Bidding You are not allowed to add players on ESPN to your roster. In order to add players to your roster, you must 1) create a thread under "Free Agent Bidding" 2)State the players name, position,team, and starting bid (ex: LeBron James, SF, CLE, $1) 3) Bid on the player until there has been no bid posted on that player for 48 hours. After 48 hours, all bidding is over, and the highest bidder wins the player.You must have roster space available for the player, if not, you have 24 hours to drop a player from your roster, otherwise the next highest bid wins the player. You have a budget of $150 per season. You may not go over your budget. Rosters will be updated ASAP. Rookie Draft We have 2 round rookie drafts. It will based on a lottery, just like the NBA. The teams that do not make it to the semifinals of the playoffs will be in the lottery. Lottery odds will be based off of win/loss record, and the lottery will be done on draftpicklottery.com. The draft will be done on proboards.