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  1. Believe it or not, I held him since draft night (drafted him on the 8th round ). Time to say goodbye now. Feels like I was in a relationship with him. I've always had him in my team since his glory days in 2016-2018 .
  2. Defo go for JJJ. Holmes may ranked higher but JJJ brings more to the table nightly in my opinion
  3. YES! Drop him for Huerter, been balling for past couple of games. Not pretty high on Crowder & Osman, at least for the Rest of Season. Hep w mine? ! Thanks
  4. 10 team punt fg% team, which side is better? Gary Harris + Doumbouya Marcus Smart + Kendrick Nunn Leave your link below. Thanks!
  5. Yes take it. I like the assets that you get in return
  6. Depends on your build. If you’re punting efficiency then mostdef doncic and mitchell. If not then the other way around
  7. Which one would be the better player overall for the Rest of Season? 9 cats, 10 teams P.S. my playoff schedule is on week 23, 24, and 25-26 Thanks!
  8. Will there be rest days ahead for him for the remainder of the season?