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  1. There are a lot of discussions about who to trade/drop/add, and the decision is highly dependent on your team's punt strategy. To better understanding it, I put together a study on 1664 top teams in 531 standard 9-cat H2H leagues to see what these top teams' punt strategies turned out to be: Some highlights: 1. About 39% of top teams do not punt, and 61% of them punts at least one cat 2. The most punted cats are TO and AST. The most popular combo is FT%+TO 3. The obvious: Cousin for Punt-TO, Love for Punt-BLK, DHoward for Punt-FT% 4. The not so obvious: MarcGasol for Punt-FG%, KAT for Punt-AST So in conclusion, punting is common but by no mean necessary - you can still do well in H2H without punting anything. I am a little surprised to see AST being the more successful punt cat - may be because good PGs are more rare, or may be PG who gives high AST also give you high TO and the advantage is cancelled out? PS. To see the full report, please google for keywords "rotoblue punt analysis". Forum rules say no live link in post and I am trying to adhere to that. Hope this is helpful!
  2. Depends on your waiver wire. Whoever gets Harden can use an extra spot to get the best player on waiver.
  3. Owner of Gary Harris here. Really enjoy his high FG% and 3PTM, a rare combination.
  4. I slightly prefer Taj because high FG% players are harder to replace
  5. I will go for both, Harden is putting up some sick numbers, and Cousins is top 5 in my book. You can use your 3 extra spots for streaming, which keep your season fun.
  6. Horford goes underwhelming time to time... my vote goes to Gasol.
  7. Alex should get more minutes ROS, also starting C is hard to come by, so my vote goes to Len
  8. Bad pick: Dirk at round 9 Steal: Oladipo at round 4 12-team
  9. I am a happy Gary Harris owner. It' hard for SG to shoot above 50% like him.
  10. Porter. His skillset (low TO + high STL and 3PTM) is hard to replace.
  11. I am very tempted to sell high on Marc Gasol because I need FG% and he tends to slow down at mid season. My numbers said Embiid for Gasol would work, but still hard to pull the trigger.
  12. I don't own Lonzo Ball but I happened to watch him play twice this season. I think he is for real, thanks to his court vision and control of rhythm. AST is not only what happened AFTER the pass, but is about what happened BEFORE the pass, i.e., it rewards players who made the right decisions out of dozens of options. Ball seems to be able to make the right decision most of the times (finding and passing to the open teammates, changing pace, etc) hereby making his plays look effortless, which unfortunately doesn't impress general audience who seek excitement.
  13. No don't do it. KAT is your round1 pick and Mitchell's future is bright.
  14. Trade 1: It's kinda fair. Evans will have more opportunities with Conley out. Collision seems to disappear time to time. Trade 2: You probably want to wait to squeeze more out of Dinwiddie. He's been awesome in past 3 games.
  15. Your subject is about CP3 and Bledsoe for Wall, and I was here to say no. I prefer Dray+Ariza over Ibaka+Embiid. Ibaka is just too hard to own