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  1. Unless you have another guy with IL, how is he getting close to a drop?
  2. Already unlikely to play Thursday so I dropped for Muscala. I can't be taking 0s.
  3. That was all Zaza's fault. Guy is a flop and just tries to injure any MVP candidate from Durant to Kawhi to Westbrook because he's salty he can't be an all-star anymore.
  4. smh can't believe Wiggins thinks he deserves a bigger role than this guy
  5. Somewhat relieved... Was expecting my opponent to get an extra 5 blocks and 6 3s from KD tonight.
  6. Thinking of streaming him since he has 3 games in 4 days
  7. I knew it was unrealistic but I was so hoping for a miracle trade to send Wiggins out of town.
  8. What would Kawhi owners expect to get for him? top 80? Trying to trade with the #11 team who has him stashed on IR.
  9. IND-NO game to be rescheduled during playoffs
  10. How many games would he actually miss? He only has 1 game this week. Obviously it depends how severe it is as Dunn is still out but Gronkowski came back in 10 days and he was absolutely rocked.
  11. IMO it depends which categories you need. Both Nance and Payton are appealing adds for me. Nance will get you rebounds, stocks, fg%, low turnovers while Payton is assists, steals, fg%. I'd drop Bullock for either one of them.
  12. Rubio's 2nd half breakout is why I'm a little hesitant to accept this. I'm going to try and send Dinwiddie instead of Rubio but I'm leaning towards accepting it. A core of CP3, Butler, KAT, Oladipo and Lillard sounds very enticing.
  13. I'd grab Hill... I don't think Rozier will be rosterable when Kyrie and Smart are healthy
  14. I'd drop Crabbe... 3 point specialists are a dime a dozen and I bet there are a ton of guys who get 3 pointers on the wire.