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  1. I feel like it's a great time to sell high given his injury history + Drew + Love/TT not fully unleashed.. I am getting offers as high as Devin Booker one for one..
  2. 21min might be a bit misleading. Saric would have played entire 4th if he didn't pick up his 5th foul at the beginning of the 4th. The most important thing is that Taj stayed on the bench for the entire 4th quarter.
  3. All my leagues in Yahoo suddenly have players limit for H2H. I am the commish in one of the leagues and I did not change anything (and I can't change it now either..). Anyone experiences this?
  4. Point is always his weakness, it's not the one that defined him to be the first rounder and that's why your team should be better off punting point if you draft him in the first round. By this logic, why would people still draft Westbrook in the first round given his FG/FT/TO are horrible
  5. Double-double in the previous two games, and 20+5+5 the game before that, I don't understand what do you mean that he "continues" having these games.
  6. He leads his team in +/-, that's the stats he cares about most. Unfortunately, it doesn't count in the fantasy league. This thread gets overreacted way too much
  7. In a tight matchup in FT and Stl. Then his Jordan has 91.7% FT this week and my Klay is hitting 60% WTF?? I finally tied steals and then his CP3 decided to have 3 steals in the first quarter (he already has 13 steals this week!!)
  8. Man, I am about to lose 3pt and block this week even with Klay and Mcgee (14 blocks) on my team..
  9. As a Joker owner for about 3 years, I know that he is always a team player and cares about his +/- more than any other stats. Remember this tweet last year?
  10. Streamed him on Sunday for the Block and he won me the week.. Now I am thinking keeping him over Boban.. Obviously I need to see if he will get consistent playing time once Dedmon is back
  11. Got him at 127... Cousins and Porzingis were both taken before him
  12. Got him at 56th pick... can't believe he was still available and can't resist too
  13. Good: In April: My Adam Jones and Trey Mancini for his Edwin Diaz and W. Castillo (lol) In April: My Kingery and Chapman for his Benintendi (lol) Picked up Jesus, Suarez, Scooter, Muncy, Gattis (before his Mad June), Soto, Leclerc, Escobar, Flaherty, Mikolas Bad: In April: My Story and Cruz for his Abreu Drafted Judge in the 2nd, Seager in the 3rd, Donaldson in the 4th, Yu in the 5th, Myers in the 6th and Andrus in the 7th (lol!!!) For the record, Harper is my first round But Overall record 16-4-2, first in the league on my route to my 3rd consecutive champ. It shows Draft doesn't matter as long as you are fast at grabbing stud off wires