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  1. And the 13 points? I'm gonna see how he looks in atl and if he plays some sg I would pick up mpj tho foreal just to see if his playing time sticks
  2. Anybody else on your wire get as many assists as Teague? Just wondering
  3. If you are trying to win he will probably end up winning people titles
  4. Yeah its interesting..everything on triple doubles there all the way to the exact split second
  5. He has the record now.. was Chandler with like 15 or somethibg
  6. Been waiting on that . Paul George got his as well
  7. I just thought it was 5 starts or 10 appearances at that position ... I mean hes even listed as a guard on nba.com which is what they go off of.. not pg but g
  8. The defense was good yes and he made a extra shot but 7 more assists is pretty strong plus a couple more rb but regardless in real life it would boil down to the plus or minus but in fantasy steals are harder to get but so is consistency.. I will take payton all day who triple doubles 5 games in a row last season...the confusion was just the >>>>> part of it like the lines were that much different