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  1. ,,This team is very good ON PAPER. An earlier poster eluded to the fact that based on this roster you would've dealt with key injuries and more importantly suspect starts in the month of April namely for Sale and Nola. They both look fine now and overall most of the guys either are in the process of rebounding or already have. DO NOT PANIC AND SELL THIS TEAM. For real dude. See it happen every year. Almost guaranteed you'll make the playoffs with this team. And once you do this team has a chance to make some noise for sure. Just hold steady the success will definitely come. I had a similar situation with Lindor missing over a month and trading a big pitching piece to get Vlad so I was missing 2 presumably large parts of my batting order, then Clevinger and Kluber went down and I thought I was toast. Needless to say after this weeks win I sit firmly in 6th place and that's while relying on Archer Giolito, Marquez as my "aces" and streaming the rest. Needless to say I'd hold fast, itd be hard to gain anything that makes your team significantly better without losing a guy that hurts you significantly. If the next month is a struggle then maybe start considering whether to br be buyer/seller.
  2. Is it time (or am after my Colorado vacation am I 2 weeks late) to drop Kevin Gausman? Its not like there is some option on my leagues FAAB that is 100% slam dunk over Gausman, but there are some other 2 start guys with way more favorable matchups. So do I a) drop him for like a Anibal Sanchez or Sandy A. as a better streaming option and just kind of be done with him, b) do what I usually do and just start him against questionable opponents like Pittsburgh and Philly and live with the results or c) keep him and potentially just not start him in 1 or both of those matchups? Side note I do most definitely have more 2 start pitchers than any other owner this week and certainly than my own opponent.
  3. Hey folks you read the title. CrOn I could use another quality bat. But my faab$ is under 100 for the year from overpaying for guys like that. bc I'm clueless. WHIR
  4. Lol why does no one ever respond to my questions? Are they not exciting enough?
  5. 12 team h2h cats 6x6. Christian Yelich has single handedly made my season thus far. Him missing only a few games hurts me (I have several other important guys on IL) so my only answer short term is faab. Leury Garcia is available and would make sense from a position standpoint as a replacement, but Simmons has been hitting as well and when Trout is on (which is always) then Simmons has to matter on some level. The question is to what degree does he matter? Should I just grab them both? I have players like Tim Beckham who are long since droppable. What would you do? And how much would you bid? (WHIR I promise!)
  6. Griffin Canning is a free agent in my league. Our bank for the year is $200. How much should I bid? I really want him but do not wany to overpay Quote
  7. Griffin Canning is a free agent in my league. Our bank for the year is $200. How much should I bid? I really want him but do not wany to overpay
  8. ^^ please? Will help in return
  9. He has been and I like him. Segura left with hamstring issue today so hes got a much clearer path to playing time at least in the short term. If he keeps crushing it he will keep playing. I'm picking him up before someone else does or he gets too expensive.
  10. 12 team h2h cats 6x6 keeper league (6) Is Kingery worth a speculative add? Segura left with a hamstring issue and Kingery is projected to replace him and is already hitting well. My issue is we have small benches (7 spots). I only have 1 add left this week and I'm torn between Kingery and Jordan Lyles. Kingery provides more upside and more risk, Lyles is a safer pick to help me in this weeks matchup as he faces the Giants. Which one do I add?
  11. Reyes. Drop Peraza or Yandy (everyone's high on him but I'm not buying it quite yet)