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  1. I can verify that this is a good league. I have been in since the beginning.
  2. If another spot opens, I am interested. Lots of teams each year for the past roughly 20-22 years.
  3. I am interested. Can you send me the rules and the teams still available please? Thanks. Sounds like a cool set up.
  4. I have the same question. I might be interested, depending on the cost.
  5. I am interested in the posted team. Are you still looking for an owner?
  6. 40 man roster dynasty league needs a couple replacements. Free league. Fantrax. Friendly group of guys. If interested, let me know.
  7. I have a 16 team fantrax dynasty league that needs three new, active owners. This is year two of the league. 6x6 with qs replacing wins. 40 man rosters that include 10 milb slots. Keep all 40 forever. Let me know if your interested.
  8. Interested if its free. Experienced player.
  9. I have a new, free dynasty league on fantrax. We are in our initial draft, rd 3, and I need a replacement. If you're interested I can send you more info.