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  1. We require 1 more owner for our Dispersal draft, draft can start as soon as new owner has paid and will be a slow email style draft on our league MFL page. League was a 16 team league previously which is restructuring to a 14 team format after this dispersal draft, as a result there is actually 6 full rosters and sets of 2020 rookie picks available in this draft giving all 4 new owners a real chance to compete straight away. Entry is $100pa ($150 in your first year as we roll a $50 deposit to allow for trading of future rookie draft picks) All money handled by Teamstake website and 1
  2. Example of some of the players available include: QBs: Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Arron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Drew Brees, Daniel Jones etc RBs: Alvin Kamara, Le'Veon Bell, Raheem Mostert, James Conner, David Johnson, Phillip Lindsay etc WRs: Adams, Cooper, Golladay, Edelman, Allen, Landry, Metcalf, Sanders, Cooks, Fuller, Green etc TEs: Waller, Ertz, Engram, Goedart, Rudolph etc Rookie Picks: 1.03, 1.04, 1.06, 1.14 etc
  3. Updated list of all Free Agents and 2020 Rookie Draft picks available in 4 team Dispersal: https://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2019/free_agents?L=54857 3 spots remaining
  4. Any Given Sunday Extreme Dynasty league is moving into it's 3rd year and we are restructuring from a 16 team to a 14 team league, as a result there is an exciting dispersal draft opportunity where 6 previous rosters will effectively make 4 new franchises which should give each new owner an opportunity to challenge in their first year. The league is a Non-IDP PPR league with TE Premium and Points Per Carry. Large rosters makes drafting & trading key and leaves little value on a competitive waiver wire each week. The dispersal draft for 4 new franchises will include a
  5. League full but only 8/14 paid so far - still opportunity to dive in if you can pay straight away
  6. 1 final spot remaining before start up draft can be organised
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