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  1. who's the pickup if he rests? TJ Leaf? Jakarr Sampson? Its def not Goga, he plays Turner's position.
  2. yup i agree with simon he's way better off the bench cause he can take on a Lou Will role where he can just score
  3. he's a really low IQ player the sole reason for his ranking is cause blocks are so valuable in fantasy he was able to put up insane block numbers towards the second half of last year because fizdale basically said f**k it and let the players do whatever. if you look closely at his numbers last year, his blocks were insane but so were his fouls. he was always in foul trouble cause he tries to block every shot. fantasy numbers don't always correlate with how good a player actually is. it's a good indicator but another example is Kevon Looney. he's actually a really important glue guy on the team but he doesn't put up sh** for numbers. then you have guys like Mitch Rob who put up insane numbers in one category but if you watch him, you'll know hes a horrible player.
  4. i was ready for the big KOQ too 🤣
  5. if you're in like a 10-14 team league where there are plenty of options on the waiver wire, sure, OK but if you're in a deeper league, the waiver is as dry as a 90 year old grandma and you're constantly scouting for the next hottest pickup i'm guessing you're in a smaller league where guys like brandon clarke and derrick favors are available. in bigger competitive leagues, no one is dropping those guys.
  6. looks like drummond is just absorbing all the touches
  7. word, i'm 5th place in my 20 team roto league and i dont have the roster to be top 3 but being able to grab one of these guys midseason keeps the game fun!
  8. i know right, it's crazy they're actually winning against good teams WITHOUT beal and bertans. maybe beal and bertans are really putting up empty points and these guys are the real deal...
  9. man these boards are way better than reddit's nba fantasy subreddit i'm loling my butt off
  10. he IS very raw but you see he has some skill and i agree, he's slow af lol. but his length and strength make up for it.
  11. iono but players like mcrae, lou will, maybe even jeff teague, just are better players off the bench. they can come in and just score.
  12. Doumbouya my lord....Doumbouya...He might be ballin if Blake Griffin is shutdown, my lord....Doumbouya....