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  1. Hi......interested in your leagues if you still have openings? Been participating in Fantasy sports leagues for 20+yrs.mostly CBS platform. Thanks Don
  2. Interested.... How much? What platform? Thanks Don
  3. I've participated in fantasy baseball leagues for over 20yrs.....mostly on CBS platforms. I'll join......please send invite to Thanks, Don
  4. Hi......could you please send an invite so I can see league details and the available roster. My email is Thanks
  5. I think it should be stated that it's not a money league.......nothing wrong with that but it would just spare people inquirying.
  6. Thanks Bobby.....I'm very interested. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada are there any other Canadians in the league, not that it really matters.
  7. I'm an active fantas6baseball owner and would be interested. I have an active CBS account..please send I vote and I'll decide very quickly. Thank you, Don
  8. I've been an active fantasy baseball owner for 20+yrs. Would be interested please send info to review.I have an existing CBS fantasy account. Thank you Don
  9. I'm much is the league entry? What does the team look like? I've been an active fantasy owner for 20+yrs. Thanks, Don
  10. Hi Tim Please send info. I've participated in CBS fantasy leagues for 15 + yrs. Thanks, Don
  11. Hi, I've participated in Fantasy leagues for over 20 years ( primarily CBS platforms) and would like to receive information on your league and the team available. Thanks Don
  12. Hi......I would be interested in taking over this team if it's stillavailable. I 've been participating in fantasy baseball leagues for over 20 years. I typically like to participate in ((3) per year and another league I was in folded. I consider myself an active manager who likes to trade and be active. Just curious I'm form Ontraio, Canada are there any other managers from Canada? Thanks Cheers, Don
  13. Hi.......I'll grab this spot if it's still available. Is the league fairly active with respect to trading? I'm from Canada, I presume the 250 isare US size chicken wings !?!? Are there any other managers that are Canadian? I've been involved in Fantasy baseball for the past 20 years and consider myself pretty active as a manager. Thanks, Don