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  1. Update 12 paid 3 Pending(pretty sure 2 of the 3 will join and pay) need 1 or 2 Thanks
  2. Have 10 paid, 2 more going to pay up later today, so that makes 12, so I have 4 spots open if you read the league bylaws and decide it’s for you. Then join fantrax and pay up. First 4 gets in as long as you pay up before other guys. I have a Discord channel for league, and we have 15 members in there, so some guys lagging around. So get in if interested Thanks
  3. I have 9 paid we have 5 pending need 2 more
  4. Have 8 paid Have 4 pending still need a few more confident members
  5. 2021 Startup Dynasty league 16 Team Fantrax league H2h Most Cats ( 1 win each match) 7x7 R, rbi, Hr, sb, avg, Ops, xbh W, Qs, k, sv, Holds, era, whip. 50 man rosters 35 MLB roster, 15 minors roster. Slow draft starting when full and paid. We draft all vets, minors, all at the same time. We will be setting up drafts for 2021 season No scoring at all for 2020 season. $50 to join(that will be for 2021, 2022 seasons, league will be $25 for 2023 season. We have 8 paid up at this time waiting on 2 pending. Looking for 8 more. Email me or DM me if interested or post below email address. I will send Discord link This league will be around for years. I have ran leagues mostly on other sites for many years, decided this year to switch to Fantrax that just have a lot of options for great leagues. Better get in, gonna be a great league. Thanks.
  6. Looking for 6 more confident members.