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  1. Yes but his season stats are inflated from his breakout performances during Gasol's absence. I think he'll go back to being a non-factor when Gasol hits full stride unless Pop sits Gasol during fantasy POs, which is a strong possibility. Risky play but I'd advocate Holmes over Dedmond all day
  2. Im in a DD league and even in 9-cat Curry is not as valuable as Towns. And Len for Gobert? Gobert is a monster and Len should be on waivers in 12-mans or lower.
  3. Jays fan, so I am going with one of the following: McDonaldson's Stro me the $ DirtySanchez41 Goins for the $ Let me know what y'all think
  4. I got offered Len and Curry for Gobert and Towns...
  5. Hey I am new here and was wondering how do I make a signature?