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  1. Team in sig - would you make this trade? Give: Mike Gillislee Get: Aaron Rodgers Obviously Rodgers is an upgrade over Big Ben, but maybe by just a few points per game. If I give up Gillislee I still have some nice RBs, but I wouldn't really be comfortable starting Derrick Henry or Tevin Coleman every week if Bell or Crowell went down. What do you think? WHIR
  2. Thanks for the help with mine. Your RBs are a bit of a liability, although getting Doug Martin back in week 4 will help. Fleener may end up being ok despite the quiet preseason, but you're probably looking at streaming TEs, at least until you hit on one. I think you could pretty safely drop Mitchell for somebody like Clay if he's on waivers.
  3. Thanks for the help on mine. Like others, I think reaching for Brady and taking Graham within your first 5 picks led to some weakness at RB2. I would try to package some of your bench depth for a mid-to-late range RB2 like Montgomery, Anderson, Powell, Abdullah, etc. Or you could try to move Brady or Brady plus somebody like Garcon for Crowell, Cook, Hyde, or Miller.
  4. In my 10-team 0.5 PPR league (team in sig), I need to drop two players to pick up a K and DST. Which two would you drop? My thoughts: Kamara might be the easiest drop. Most sites have Decker ranked higher than Hogan, but I really like Hogan's upside with Edelman out. Derrick Henry would be great if Murray went down, but until then, he's kind of a glorified handcuff. Rawls was a late round pick, but could end up with more carries than Lacy, and I'm thin at RB behind Bell and Crowell. WHIR 100%
  5. My other WRs (we start 3 WRs and a flex): Michael Thomas Dez Bryant Davante Adams Allen Robinson Eric Decker Zay Jones
  6. I've been offered a trade in my 10-team 0.5 PPR league: Give: Terrelle Pryor Get: Demaryius Thomas Would you make the trade? I like Pryor's upside, but he's in a new offense and Cousins has never given a WR more than 7 targets a game on average. Demaryius has a pretty safe floor, but lacks some upside with his QB situation. Who would you rather own? WHIR
  7. Thanks for the help. I think it's Gordon as well. With you starting three WRs, part of me wants to say Dez (the one-two punch of AB and Dez would be really solid, assuming you could pick up a decent RB1 to replace Gordon). But Gordon is probably the better value.
  8. I would take the Jordy and Cook side - your current WRs are a bit on the weaker side, and Jordy for Devonta is fair value. I'm also pretty high on Dalvin Cook this year. Help?
  9. Agree - I think it's Robinson for sure. He's got a lot more upside than Sanders, even with the question mark at QB. Help?
  10. I'm the commissioner of a 12-team PPR keeper league. I have a situation that our keeper rules don't address (oops), and I'm wondering how to handle it. In our league, you can keep up to two players, subject to the following rules: Any player who was drafted last year is eligible to be a keeper, even if you weren't the person who drafted him. When you keep a player, you give up your pick from one round earlier than where he was drafted last year. (Example: if you're keeping somebody you drafted in round six last year, you have to give up your fifth-round pick this year.) The situation is that an owner wants to keep two players - one that he drafted in the 9th round, and another that he acquired from another team, who was also drafted in the 9th round. Which picks should the owner have to give up this year to keep both players? 7th and 8th? 8th and 9th? Just an 8th round pick? WHIR 100%