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  1. How many times will someone in this thread prematurely bash this guy mid-game, only to look foolish afterwards?
  2. If it's a cat league dropping RoCo for Ibaka is a mistake. Your league would appreciate it, for sure.
  3. This isn’t the Casey 2020 Outlook thread you muppets.
  4. Oops. Surprised it wasn’t caught sooner. Let’s just hope Bryant’s 3 week evaluation timeline doesn’t turn into a 6 week injury. 🤞
  5. No, not in standard leagues. He was hot prior to the injury, but hasn't been able to get back into rhythm since being re-activated. This is one of those "going down with the ship" situations for me, personally. I know all too well how much you may come to regret dropping J-Rich after a rough stretch, only to see him catch fire later.
  6. Lmao, filling in Drummond's shoes in the worst way.
  7. Most of the negative feedback is due to him not providing a positive ROI, given he was drafted 3rd/4th round in most competitive leagues. He for sure does not belong on waivers. Fantasy managers aren't usually the most patient characters.
  8. Not everyone plays in your league. I don't really care if your opinion of RoCo is unfavorable, but trying to spread this misinformation to the public isn't a good look on you. RoCo's per game rank, this season: Bryant's per game rank, this season: This is after a slow start to the season for RoCo -- i.e. he has been trending up -- while TB has a fractured leg, and will be out for some time.
  9. 2 quick fouls for Maker. Wood first man off the bench. Giddy up.
  10. Are you commenting on points leagues? This is not good advice for cat leagues (I'd say it's pretty bad, actually). Covington has been a top-50 player the last 3 seasons and is ranked 49th as of today -- 27th if you're punting assists. If anyone was being over-hyped in the pre-season, it was Thomas Bryant. I'm grateful I only ended up drafting TB in one league with a 5th round pick. Bryant might pick it up once he comes back, but between the two only one is truly a proven commodity, imo.
  11. In 9-cat he's ranked 74th per game over the last month. The Dubs have already gone back on their statement that he would be a mins limit (27 mpg), so he could get more run than expected. He's still a hold for 12-teams, imo.