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  1. have you ever looked at the league leaders of the Florida state league? The only 3 guys above him in ops for 24,24 and 26 years old. Its a pitchers league and he was clearly one of the best hitters in the league. Garcia’s ranks 37 doubles(1st by 5) .280 avg(t-8th) .343 obp(9th) .436 slg(3rd) .779 ops(4th)
  2. My bad, I was never in for this, I just wanted to see you guys do a dynasty mock. wish I could but no time
  3. this is exactly what came to mind for me. Must have been one of my first years ever playing fantasy baseball and he carried me to a title.
  4. “Kapler evidently has received that message. Asked if he planned to use Posey at first base, Kapler said: “Not any time soon. It’s not a priority for us. Right now, Buster getting his reps in the batter’s box and behind home plate is where our focus is.”” not sure you should be banking on him playing much more than the standard catcher these days.
  5. It’s amazing how little support he has had from day one simply because he wasn’t a top prospect when he broke out in the majors. I mean it’s pathetic that Aristedes Aquino has more support for his “breakout” last year than olson has had for his career.
  6. Pretty sure that quote is from a year ago and since he didn’t really do anything special last year doubt anything drastically changes this year
  7. Come on now, where is Heriberto!
  8. The problem with this thread is that everyone writes about 17-18 year olds more than ever after the rise of acuna/soto. The Uber talented youngsters primed to make a huge jump one rankings this year seem to be the following Dominguez(already over hyped) Erik Pena(next soto type) Orelvis Martinez(5 cat guy) Norlvis Marte(5 cat guy) Aaron Bracho(Soto type) Heriberto Hernandez(JD Martinez/Nelson Cruz type) All of these guys but heriberto are top 50 at least on most fantasy prospect lists. Heriberto gets knocked for s---y defense by most, his exit velocities are insane for his age though. 2nd in all Milb last year As for guys already hyped ready to become #1 prospect it’s Julio and Luciano for sure. They’re already top 10ish on most lists.
  9. Hey let’s just be positive and look at it as a chance to have an extra bench spot while we weed out breakouts and busts for the first month.
  10. Also Max Kepler is prime for regression. His avg hr distance is low. He’s a heavy flyball hitter and He saw a massive jump in hrs. He’s also been improving every aspect of his game for the last 3 years so he could just make some more gains to counteract any regression.
  11. Draft Caleb Smith is my answer to that As for the Mercado comments, he definitely gets dinged, but I’m an owner and was always expecting 10-15 hrs tops. His exit velocities are ****, but his speed, hit tool and decent discipline keep him as a pretty safe bet for 10-15 hr and 20-30 sb, which plays anywhere in roto these says
  12. yeah this is something I hadn’t factored in. It also may be a contributing factor to his success rate. Pitchers are gonna be more confident just going after the batter when it’s the 8th/9th guy and not worrying about the runner as much especially with 2 outs. When they know Chapman/olson are coming up they’re not gonna want laureano to take that base
  13. I find it funny how much backlash this guy has gotten for taking him at 33 when guys like Starling Marte and Blackmon are going around the same time. Power to anyone who’s smart enough to get on Olsons upside then take a proven veteran on the decline, it’s how you win leagues. And FWIW I’m very pro-Olson and see him being the #3 1B in avg. leagues behind Bellinger and Freeman and #2 in Obp leagues behind only Bellinger. Is it that crazy to think he’s gonna put up the following? I mean this is pretty much exactly what he did last year if you stretch his season to ~160 games .265 avg .360 Obp 100 r 45hr 120 rbi