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  1. Yeah I think they’re underestimating the value of starting pitching and the 2nd best rp asset in the game in a 30 team league. The pieces you’re getting back are pretty bad imo, and I’d rather take the risk with javy’s avg than give up that depth. All unless you have insane depth otherwise
  2. Bellinger 11th Yordan Alvarez 18th Pete Alonso 16th Ketel Marte 19th These round values are too good to pass up. they're all top 30 guys for now and future and you're gonna have an uninhibited first 10 rounds, which i doubt anyone else will have. As for the prospects I'd probably side with Nolan Gorman, dude is a beast. Trammel is a good gamble as well. Looking for insight on Gallo vs Machado in obp dynasty league if you can check out my thread half way down the page
  3. Yeah not sure what these guys are smoking...Marte is good and his breakout was legit, but albies is the #1 2B for dynasty and I would happily add Lamet, May or McKay to make that upgrade.
  4. Keep Olson 100%. Personally I'd drop clevinger, trade for marte and keep sanchez as well. Keeping 3 pitchers is gonna be tough on your offense. Ideally though maybe try to package sanchez and stanton for an infielder.
  5. Lindor, Bellinger, Moncada, Verlander, Sale and Soroka are all no brainers If you want to go for broke I’d also probably just keep Cruz and take a wildcard on Bauer, feel like he’s gonna find a happy medium between the last two years which gives a high 3s era but still with the massive amount of k’s. for minors Luciano, Robinson, Gallen, Mercado, India, Solak, Valera and your draft pick
  6. Well that’s a terrible rule! Guess just stick with the batters and deform then check out my gallo for machado thread if you have a chance
  7. Freeman, Tatis, Acuna, DeGrom, Turner second this, although I’d probably try to package a couple of them to upgrade degrom to another bat
  8. TDG already has him as the 5th overall prospect right behind Julio who’s at 4. Unless Wander somehow makes it to the bigs it will be those 3 on the top of every lost going into next year.
  9. I would keep May as a reliever. Also assuming Kubler means Kluber? I wouldn’t give up on him yet, he’s supposed to be healthy going into this year. overall I’d see if you can either package two pitchers for an ace using Kluber, Gallen, Lamet, Wheeler or McKay. I’d also try to improve the outfield and Util a bit, maybe using a starter to get an upgrade there. You’ve got a solid core and all with youth so should be good short term and long term.
  10. Which side would you take? If it weren’t Obp, machado seems obvious to me, but gallo in Obp is a monster. Thoughts? No restrictions keep 23 a year 12 team league.
  11. I think that trade depends on your competition. Are there a couple stacked teams? Do you want to win now at all cost? I think having Wander as Polancos replacement should really be taken into account in the trade because it’s tough to come by a SS replacement with close to wanders future value. If you want to truly go for it I’d counter to see if you can get an ace caliber pitcher instead of Rizzo or Springer. Rosario is a nice insurance policy at SS and SB help, but you’re not desperate at 1st or OF and a SP would provide a bigger boost to winning this year. if you’re not going for it, I wouldn’t do the trade. Your core is young enough to be in the thick of everything when Wander takes over the league
  12. Yeah, this isn’t close for me. You should be able to get way more in return for him. Don’t get too caught up in filling roster wholes when trading an asset like him in dynasty or else you’ll lose enormous value in the long term. I’d rather have your current OF depth than haniger, sal and a 2b that doesn’t carry too much weight in a trade like this
  13. Definitely something to worry about. Defense is valued higher than ever these days and he’s simply awful in the field. I don’t think he’ll ever lose at bats because of it, or not anytime soon, but he only had 10 appearances in the field last year out of 87 games. That’s not a good sign going forward. I don’t see it as a huge problem in dynasty as his bat is definitely worth it, it just forces you to manage your roster a little differently and makes it so you can’t have another DH only type like Cruz or I’d go as far as saying I’d never own Vlad and Yordan on the same dynasty. One day soon they’ll both be a problem.
  14. If they have been consistently doing this over the last few years and the league finds a way to really put a stop to it, you have to imagine it will hurt the overall batting line for the players benefitting from it. The Astros as a team have had the best k rate over the last 3 years and not sure anyone’s really close over the same time period, hard to think their sign stealing didn’t have a large part in all of that. I would not be surprised to see a noticeable drop in their teams production next year. Could affect each player differently and bregman for sure could just keep improving as he has each year, but wouldn’t be a terrible idea to discount everyone on that team just a bit.
  15. This man(boy) deserved series mvp. .333 avg(1st for series) .438 obp(2nd) .741 slg(1st) 1.179 ops(1st) 6 runs(1st) 3 hr(tied 1st) 7 rbi(3rd) 1 sb(2nd)