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  1. Basically got offered vucevic,clarke,mccollum and richardson.. with pick upgrades for kyrie, Roco and markkannan. Thoughts, im thinking i take it as it gives me players who are active and more reliable and adds depth for the finals ?
  2. 9 cat keeper league. You know the drill. What side would you pick Whir as usual
  3. If it doesn't fit your build then I would stay put. Assuming you are going alright this season. The old saying. If it ain't broke, don't fix it
  4. I feel like this is a stupid question as I would rank them Trey Ja kyrie But a group of mates have a mixed opinion with this and a nice debate has started. 9 cat league. 12 team. What order do you think
  5. I am the derozan owner and was just seeing who I can move him for as he is one of the only pieces I would get rid of to find 3s. Any other players come to mind. I could trade fringe players for 3s instead though
  6. Damn that's actually a tough one the DNPs by George leans me more towards the gobert side but very tight
  7. KAT for sure. Whiteside will be a nobody soon enough. It happens every year plus nurk is due back in the near future
  8. 9 cat keeper league Rank the 3 and would you trade them for each other. Torn on what to do
  9. Could he potentially become a keeper level player by seasons end or does full strength magic take some value away
  10. Ballin out atm, new career highs coming again
  11. Im hearing ya. He is and has been benched on my team for a while but i wasted to high of a pick on him to just let him go for nothing
  12. Any like for like players but with 3s stand out in that range to sell high with ? I have spent the last hour looking at people. Its also hard to sell high when he is this efficient. Hard to let go
  13. Very big call. I really want trey myself. But I feel jokic is just to valuable. He is finally starting to come good. I would stick with him and bam
  14. Battle of the rookies. Who do you see having the most upside? Will any get up to keeper level? (12 team 7 keeper) Once teams are full strength who gets hurt more? I feel like both will but who will hold value Looking at adding one of these to help push through a trade. I own both
  15. Got a spot left in one of my leagues. Who would be best out of the following D.Powell,winslow,portis,knox,barton,giles,a.simons,len Any names jump out as a should of been drafted type of person. 12 teams 9 cat