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  1. Good Morning, I currently have 10 open slots. Will really start recruiting to fill in the next week or so. The draft will be set once the league is full and paid. Probably shoot for the next couple weekends. It's full PPr and 1.5 for the TE. We're using FAAB.
  2. Hey guys I have a redraft Superflex TE premium league starting on Sleeper. Buy in is $75 and kept on leaguesafe. Respond here or email me at Jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com for questions or an invite. PASSING Passing Yards +0.04 per yard (25 yards = 1 point) Passing TD +4 2-Pt Conversion +2 Pass Intercepted -1 RUSHING Rushing Yards +0.1 per yard (10 yards = 1 point) Rushing TD +6 2-Pt Conversion +2 RECEIVING Reception +1 Receiving Yards +0.1 per yard (10 yards = 1 point) Receiving TD +6 2-Pt Conversion +2 Reception Bonus - TE +0.50
  3. Interested in taking your fantasy football game to the next level? I have a Superflex, TE premium dynasty startup. It's $50/season but $75 the first season, this will cover 50% of the cost for season 2. See the link to the bylaws below. If interested feel free to comment here or email me at jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com Gridiron Guru's Bylaws
  4. I have a points league I run on Fantrax. One owner has lost interest this season and would like a refund. So I'm posting here to see if anyone would like to take his team. It's a $75 league. The team is already drafted and posted below. Please email me Jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com if you have any questions C Salvador Perez KC C 1B Yuli Gurriel HOU 1B,3B 2B Ozzie Albies ATL 2B 3B Yoan Moncada CHW 3B SS Francisco Lindor CLE SS OF Kris Bryant CHC 3B,OF OF Eloy Jimenez CHW OF OF Ramon Laureano OAK OF UT Eugenio Suarez CIN 3B 1B Miguel Cabrera DET 1B 1B Edwin Encarnacion CHW 1B UT Nick Solak TEX UT SS Scott Kingery PHI 3B,SS,OF P Walker Buehler LAD SP P Max Fried ATL SP P Frankie Montas OAK SP P Aaron Nola PHI SP P Marcus Stroman NYM SP P Hector Neris PHI RP P Domingo German NYY SP P Reynaldo Lopez CHW SP P Dustin May LAD SP P John Means BAL SP P Sean Doolittle WSH RP P Adrian Houser MIL RP P Brandon Kintzler MIA RP P Hansel Robles LAA RP P Ross Stripling LAD RP
  5. Looking for 1 maybe 2 more members. Reply to this message, email or text me at the number or address below if interested or have questions. Jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com 269-271-1640
  6. I have a league in it's 4th year. We currently have two openings. All team finances are kept through Fantrax treasurer a dispersed to the league winners the day after the season ends. This is a redraft league and once the league is full and everyone has paid I will email the draft slots. This is done randomly through an online generator and emailed to each owner. Feel free to email me at jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com or text at 269-271-1640 Entry Fee: $75 Teams: 12 Site: Fantrax Full List of Rules: See Below Draft: March 1 Draft Type: Slow - 4 hours Set Lineups: Daily Scoring System: H2H Points Payouts: 1st: $450 2nd: $200 3rd: $100 Most Points: $150 LEAGUE RULES SUMMARY 2020 MLB MASTERS OF THE DIAMOND GENERAL League Name: Masters of the Diamond Duplicate Player Allowance: Not Used Scoring System: Head-to-Head Points Maximum # of teams: 12 League Creator Username: Jvanspro Commissioner Team Name: K’s and Dingers SCHEDULE Your league stats begin accumulating on: Thu Mar 26, 2020 Your league stats end accumulating on: Sun Sep 27, 2020 Merge first n periods of season: 2 Merge last two periods of season: No Playoffs Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 23 (Sep 7/20 - Sep 13/20) and last for 3 periods (rounds). Number of teams qualifying for playoffs: 4 Reseed each playoff round: Yes * To view the playoff bracket, go to the Standings screen and click on the Playoffs tab. PLAYER POOL Player Pool:All teams Players traded out of league's player pool continue to accumulate stats: Yes Only include players associated with a MLB team in the player pool: No Lock Player Pool: No ROSTERS Restrictions Minimum Total Players: 0 Maximum Total Players: 28 Minimum Players: 0 Maximum Players: 13 Maximum Reserve Players: 15 Maximum Injury Reserve Players: 3 Maximum Minor League Players: Not Used Prevent any transaction that would cause a roster to become illegal: Always Allow suspended players to be moved to Injured Reserve: No Allow players on a bye week to be moved to Injured Reserve: No Injured Reserve players count toward roster limitation rules: No Only players on the MLB Injured List may be moved to the Injured Reserve slot: Yes Injured Reserve Enforcement type: Lock all transactions Number of Lineup Periods until Injured Reserve Enforcement takes effect: 0 Prorate Min/Max according to period length: No Pos Min Active Max Active Total Max 1st Base (1B) 0 1 2nd Base (2B) 0 1 3rd Base (3B) 0 1 Shortstop (SS) 0 1 Outfield (OF) 0 3 Utility (Any Hitter) (UT) 0 2 Pitcher (P) 0 7 Position Eligibility Games needed from previous season for a player to qualify at a hitting position : 12 Games needed from current season for a player to qualify at a hitting position: 10 Starts needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a starter : 8 Starts needed from current season for a player to qualify as a starter : 3 Relief appearances needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a reliever : 10 Relief appearances needed from current season for a player to qualify as a reliever: 4 Use Fantrax's default position(s) in addition to any position(s) a player qualifies for based on above criteria: No Note: If a player does not qualify for any positions based on the above selections, he will qualify at the position(s) played most in the previous MLB season. If he did not play at all last season, then the default position(s) will be used. SCORING Scoring Group Scoring Category Position Points Hitting Caught Stealing (CS) Default -0.5 Hitting Doubles (2B) Default 2 Hitting Hit By Pitches (HBP) Default 1 Hitting Home Runs (HR) Default 4 Hitting Runs Batted In (RBI) Default 1 Hitting Runs Scored (R) Default 1 Hitting Singles (1B) Default 1 Hitting Stolen Bases (SB) Default 2 Hitting Strikeouts (SO) Default -0.5 Hitting Triples (3B) Default 3 Hitting Walks (BB) Default 1 Pitching Blown Saves (BS) Default -2 Pitching Complete Games (CG) Default 4 Pitching Earned Runs Allowed (ER) Default -0.75 Pitching Hit Batsmen (HB) Default -1 Pitching Hits Allowed (H) Default -0.5 Pitching Holds (HLD) Default 2 Pitching Innings Pitched (IP) Default 1.5 Pitching Intentional Walks Allowed (IBB) Default 0 Pitching Losses (L) Default -4 Pitching Quality Starts (QS) Default 5 Pitching Saves (SV) Default 4 Pitching Strikeouts Pitched (K) Default 1.25 Pitching Walks Allowed (BB) Default -1 Pitching Wins (W) Default 4 Team Minimum and Maximum Requirements per Scoring Period Scoring Category Min Max Innings Pitched - Pitching None 65 If a maximum has been met or exceeded: All hitters or pitchers, depending on the scoring category exceeded, will stop accumulating stats for the rest of the scoring period. If the max has not been met or exceeded at the beginning of a day, stats will accumulate throughout that entire day, even if the max is exceeded.<span style="color:#ff0000"> Note that ALL pitchers includes both SP and RP. For example, if a max is exceeded for Relief Appearances, stats will be lost for the scoring period for Relief Pitchers (RP) as well as Starting Pitchers (SP).</span> If a minimum has not been met by end of scoring period: Do nothing. Prorate Min/Max according to period length: No Other Scoring Preferences Score Flex positions by the players' actual positions: No Count 0-0 scores as wins, losses or ties: Yes Stat Correction Handling: No Official Scoring changes will affect your league beyond the default stat freeze time. Official corrections will be applied to your league if they come in within 7 days (168 hours) after the end of that game. Any Official Scoring changes which come in after this time will not be reflected in your league stats/scores and standings. TRANSACTIONS Lineups Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes Lineup changes are executed: Daily Lineup changes are locked at a Set amount of time before each player's scheduled game start time of the day Lineups will become locked at a:0:01 hours:minutes before start of game Trades Trade System: Owners propose their own trades Trading Period: All Year Maximum Trades per Team: Unlimited Trade Deadline Date: Fri Aug 7, 2020 11:59 PM EDT Trade Voting System: Commissioner Claims/Drops Waiver Wire Claim/Drop System: Owners perform their own claims & drops Max # of claims per season:Unlimited Max # of claims per week: Unlimited Use Waiver Wire process: Yes Allow claims/drops before the draft: No Can't drop list: Fantrax Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team Failed claims/drops viewable by: One's own team Free Agents Free Agent Claim System: Free for all (1st come 1st serve) Waiver Wire claim system: Automated Priority Order Priority order: Reverse Order of Standings (serpentine) Rotate Waiver Wire Claim Order After Each Claim: Yes Waiver Wire Claim Order Reset Days: Mon Waiver Wire Claim Order Reset Time: 1:00 am EST Waiver Wire players are processed: After a selected # of Days Waiver Wire claim processing time: 3:00 am EST # of days players remain on waivers for: 2 Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team Failed claims/drops viewable by: One's own team DRAFT Division: Draft Type: Live Online Standard (Regular & Slow) # of rounds: 28 Draft Date: Time limit per pick: 4 hours All teams will have the same # of players as the # of rounds when draft ends: No Immediately pick for owners not present in draft room: No Fill rosters legally when drafting: Yes Draft Order creation: Manual - Snake/Serpentine Draft Order: Albert Glossian, John Gabriel, Stargell Stars, House Fam, My Wife, The Legend, K’s and Dingers, Zackie Moon, Make Detroit Great Again, George Foster's Sideburns Undrafted players go to the: Free Agent pool MISCELLANEOUS Tie Breakers Standings Tie Breakers 1. Head-to-head record vs. all teams tied with 2. Most fantasy points for entire season Matchup Tie Breakers 1. None Playoff Tie Breakers 1. None
  7. Drake is very talented, he was talented in MIA but never got the opportunity. We are seeing what he can do with opportunity. Will be interesting to see where he lands this offseason.
  8. Are you insane? No chance Hooper plays this week. Suiting up for practice doesn’t come close to playing. Remember, Barkley was practicing 2-3 weeks before actually playing. Same thing with Mahomes.
  9. Truant isn’t a needle mover. He’s well past his prime and really just a guy at this point in his career.
  10. [...] Ridley is at worst flex viable with WR2 upside everyweek. This move was an upgrade to my team overall.
  11. Actually quite the opposite. This is as low as his price will get, I tend to try to predict future results not look at past results. i think he has really good value moving forward.
  12. Everyone is so down on this guy. So I just traded for him. I like his prospects moving forward, [...]