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  1. Some baseball is better than no baseball. I am really beginning to be turned off by the owners unwillingness to take a financial loss on the season. Players have a limited shelf life. Owners can make it up later.
  2. A San Diego, California company is convinced they have a treatment. https://news.iheart.com/featured/coronavirus/content/2020-05-15-biopharmaceutical-company-claims-they-discovered-treatment-for-covid-19/?mid=397659&rid=98789585&sc=email&pname=newsletter&cid=NATIONAL&keyid=National iHeart Daily NewsTalk&campid=headline1_readmore
  3. How in the heck are they going to have a season when all I read is that if 1 player tests positive the entire team will need to be quarantined for 14 days?
  4. Good news : From what I have heard we will more than likely have a vaccine by September.
  5. Would love to know if they get symptoms that significantly affects their play.
  6. Someone suggested that what we are going through right now is the second wave.
  7. This should be the last post in this thread.
  8. We might need to implement a different strategy. Sweden is quarantining the elderly and vulnerable. Figure out a way to help these people while in quarantine.
  9. It will be sort of a test case. It will be interesting to see what happens with hospital admissions. If it goes well there could be a domino effect with other states opening soon after.
  10. I hate to sound like a pessimist but these ideas about a season seem like wishful thinking.
  11. If people stay at home for the next 3 weeks the testing demand will go down significantly.
  12. Hoping things turn around soon. I am curious why they are prescribing antibiotics for a viral infection. Antibiotics are for bacterial infections.