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  1. ADP is ~7th round. Probably will be bumped up a round after going to the Bravos. I think he there is value with getting him even in the 6th round.
  2. One year. Good spot. Is he fully recovered from the shoulder issue?
  3. Umps likely won't be doing their players any favors either.
  4. Buying: Griffin Canning, Khris Davis, Manny Machado, Luis Severino, Trea Turner, Anthony DeSclafani, Dinelson Lamet, Zac Gallen (All should be safe high round picks or return huge value) Fading: Astros players (feel the umpires are not going to be giving the Astros a lot of calls this season.)
  5. Should be a solid pick with his 4th round ADP. I expect improved numbers his second season in SD with Pham hitting in front of him.
  6. Probably would. There are players being drafted after him I would rather have though. The second half nose dive concerns me a bit.
  7. A guy who single-handedly had my team in first place the first half of last season. Then was terrible the second half. Not sure how to value him. ADP is about the 6th round.
  8. Not much to say really. Will be one of the best pitchers in baseball.
  9. Same. As much as I like him I might have to pass.
  10. Borrowing some advice I heard from someone else on this forum who has had fantasy baseball success (sorry, do not recall who). Leagues can be lost in the first five rounds of the draft but they can't be won. Risk a high round pick on this guy to get what? A couple of rounds of value? Pass.
  11. His ADP is higher than Max Kepler. No thanks.
  12. A lot of people get caught up with Ks b/c they are sexy. Wins, ERA, WHIP count just as much. Hi ADP is a little high for my taste though.