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  1. For sure. I am all over that. Concur.
  2. 10th round is some value. I have to believe he will change is training regimen which might make him more durable. I would love to draft him next season but someone will reach for him.
  3. His ADP goes up every AB this postseason.
  4. I guess Cole's strong finish kept him in the middle of the first. A little surprised though. Second round has a bunch of surprises. Flaherty, Buehler, Nola, Giolito, Seager, Scherzer, Kershaw all surprises for me.
  5. He is a safe pick at his ADP whatever it will be.
  6. Sure he could break out but he is a lottery ticket.
  7. He might be for real but I wouldn’t use a lot of draft capital on him. Someone in every league probably will though.
  8. Yellich and Bellinger 2nd round. Machado and Harper slide in at bottom. Otherwise that is what I have.
  9. Does this guy have everyone's attention yet? Nice slider and sinker to go with an adequate fastball.
  10. Unbelievable blowup against the Pirates. I always thought this guy was a little bit of smoke and mirrors.
  11. His ADP next season rises by the day.
  12. What happened to this guy? I never completely bought in but I didn't think he would be bad.
  13. He should go at least 5 assuming he isn't shelled. Dodgers need to get this guy ready for the postseason.
  14. 90% skill. Same guys contend every year for the most part.
  15. Hasn't been exactly a model of good health.