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  1. Personally, I would not as you would have to give up a lot to get both Hopkins and Bell. I don't think he will go for it.
  2. Forgot to mention in the original posting, this is half-point PPR which is another reason why I am nervous as Howard and Ajayi aren't huge pass catchers..
  3. First of all, hello everybody! I have finally decided to try my hand at giving advice on the forums, as it has helped me on many occasions. I have been offered Ajayi, Hilton & Jordan Howard for my Melvin Gordon and Callaway. I am currently 3-1, however I am the definition of top heavy as some of my middle round draft decisions have backfired tremendously. Looking long term I know I need some depth and I think this trade could help me, but I am obviously nervous to trade Melvin. Any advice? Also, this is half point PPR! My team is as follows: QB: Cousins, Luck RB: Gordon, Powell, Barber, Mack, Burkhead on IR WR: Evans, J. Gordon, Hogan, Stills, Callaway, M. Williams TE: Gronk, Doyle D: Bears
  4. This is tough. I think he could carve himself a very nice role out of the slot, but if Fuller is healthy he may not see the targets warranted from a #1 waiver priority. I might consider holding out for a more sure thing pickup.
  5. Honestly, as much as I think Odell will blow up eventually, I think Hill is a safer play so i would not do that trade
  6. I would probably stay put, but try grabbing a WR on the waivers. Your third WR spot could be improved and depending on who is on waivers, I would drop Dez or Marshall for a hot waiver pickup.
  7. Although they are on a bye this week, I would consider Cameron Brate if you are in need of a TE. Looks like Howard could be out for awhile and with Winston starting ROS, and seeing chemistry between the two before, if I was TE needy I would try grabbing Brate.
  8. I would drop Ahgolor for the Titans if possible, if not maybe take the L. Your team is very solid.
  9. Would take a chance on Hines. You can never have enough healthy RB options, especially with Fournette as a big ?... and Hines is looking like a very solid PPR option.
  10. Your team is already solid, I don't know if this trade would necessarily push the needle in either direction and Odell is bound to explode eventually.
  11. I think I would go for Dalton on this one. Although Luck looked like the Luck of old last week, his shoulder and lineup makes me nervous. On the other hand, Dalton has looked great and with Mixon coming back soon, he will have yet another weapon to play with. I would go Dalton
  12. I would definitely get rid of Conner if possible and if you can grab Jeffrey for him? Absolutely I would do this trade.
  13. I would have to agree with jh83 ^. Based on the rest of your roster, Enunwa or Carson are better drops than Bears D. I get a lot of Jacksonville 2017 vibes from their defense. Total difference maker!