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  1. He and Herbert have zero chemistry, Henry doesn't look like he's separating all that well, and Herbert's big knock coming out was his intermediate accuracy. In theory Henry should be eating. If it didn't look better coming out of the bye week though, I'm not sure it will, regardless of what the analyst say. Even so, TEs still a wasteland so he's probably worth starting
  2. The second he caught that slant I knew he was gone. Flashbacks to last year. His short area burst is insane. And Dude is nursing a knee injury, SHEESH.
  3. It felt awesome rolling him out with Fournette shelved. Now.....not so much. Shortest leash in the NFL and apparently drops are treated like fumbles in Tampa. Glad to still see him get the bulk of the work in the second half though, the offense is strong enough that he'll definitely have opportunity to have good weeks. You just won't feel fully confident about starting him.
  4. I mean historically he's been one of the most consistent WRs in the league. Unless you're counting the weeks he sat out hurt, the only week I'd consider as a "lost" week would be his 36 yard performance against Detroit, and I'm not sure I'd even count that because that's when he got hurt initially. Dude still went 6 for 61 in one the worst games of Rodgers career last week. There has just been no reason to worry about this guy other than being annoyed the Pack didn't let him play against Atlanta Week 4.
  5. Herbert and Hunter Henry really don't have much chemistry. The targets are there but they aren't really ever on the same page. Hope it improv.
  6. Rojo dropped a pass in the late 1st and hasn't seen a snap since. It's been the Fournette show.
  7. All that's missing are the touchdowns. It's getting annoying though after the first few awesome games.
  8. Have some faith for THE WR1 in juicy matchups or trade him!
  9. Looks like Jones still has a small shot to play. He traveled with the team.
  10. Not to be a terrified Robinson manager running to the backups thread to fear monger, but Robinson owns PFFs #8 rushing grade and #15 overall grade for running backs. I just have a hard time thinking the Jags are thinking about ways to get him off the field right now. I don't think the struggles the last two weeks are down to him.
  11. This is false, Jones missed no games last year. Think you have it flipped around.