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  1. Lions have completely given up. Patricia is not long for this team.
  2. He was simply preparing to catch a bomb lol. Guy has been such a stud this year. Stoked he's lined himself up for a nice payday
  3. I think this guy is is settling in nicely as a WR2. He's playing well and has solid chemistry with Dalton.
  4. Could see a huggggge game for Terry in the primetime Thanksgiving matchup
  5. I have a feeling he's is going to explode Thanksgiving. Watson is on fire right now. Only a matter of time.
  6. He doesn't seem to be playing all that well in extremely tough matchups and is still beasting. 😳
  7. I think one of the more disappointing developments with this whole situation is that the Colts were by all accounts a top two run blocking team (with the Eagles) last year. They brought everyone back and have somehow regressed. They aren't getting the same push at the point of attack. Don't get me wrong, JT isn't seeing every hole that opens up, but one of things that was supposed to make this such a slam dunk when Mack was hurt was that they were supposed to miles above any other line in the NFL in run blocking. They're probably "just" top 10. Watching yesterdays game and seeing how undisciplined Quenton Nelson was...very frustrating.
  8. It's easy to look at what happened and panic. But keep in mind that Kamara played his lowest % of snaps of the season (48%) coming off a week where he missed two days of practice. Also, anyone who watched this game as I did will tell you regardless of score, it never felt like ATL actually had a chance to win. It was over when NO scored on the opening drive of the third. This simply could of been a situation where Payton didn't feel like he'd needed AK, so his workload and involvement in the gameplan was lessened as he nurses the bum foot. For comparisons sake, AK averages a 66% snap share this year which jumps to 71% if you label & remove this past week and the week 9 TB blow out as outliers.
  9. Jesus, you just gotta ban yourself from the thread after that one.
  10. Definitely think it was a combination of JT playing well & the bad GB run defense, but it was pretty clear that as JT started getting more carries he got into a rhythm and was hitting holes/cutting backing instinctively instead of overthinking. Can't trust Reich week to week, but if they were smart they'd use this as the chance to fade Wilkins from the rotation and utilize JT early downs/Hines on passing downs.
  11. I mean it's a fair take to have, but what from this season would you have seen to support that? Depth charts aren't the end all be all, and frankly they're often wrong because the coaches aren't the ones submitting them to any websites. Jordan Howard was listed as the starter at RB week 1 for the Dolphins, yet Myles Gaskin got 70% of the snaps. At this very moment Cordarrelle Patterson is listed as a second string wideout on, yet he's been the starting running back for them. Because of snap data though, sites have given him RB eligibility.
  12. I applaud ESPN for how they are treating this, because it's consistent with how they've treated situations like this in the past and not buckling under criticism from the fantasy community. All of the major sites have been taking shots at them since the news dropped. PFF snap data had Taysom as playing the most of his snaps at TE last year, so they made him a tight end. Going forward, if Sunday comes and Taysom is truly the starter, they are going to remove the QB designation for next week. But they aren't going to do that until they see it on the field, regardless of anyone upset because they play him, or a competitor for a playoff spot has him.
  13. Yes. Berry has been laying the ground work for doing this since before the "starting" news came out. They will review the snap count data after the game and make changes. Aka, if he's actually the starting QB they will be taking the TE tag away.
  14. How unfair would it be for managers like myself, who burned waiver priority to pick up and start Taysom prior to any "starter" news dropping? You grab him on the off chance he simply got a few more snaps at QB with Brees out, and all of a sudden ESPN removed the TE designation for this week? I really hope any commissioners who have taken the stance of not allowing a league member who already burned a waiver priority to pick Taysom up are allowing them to re-run waivers because that seems completely unfair.