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  1. It looks like he started well in the preseason, but it's unclear how many minutes he may get throughout the season. What do you guys think?
  2. i'm giving my own awards considering my league is very different from anyone else's here. it's a 12 teamer H2H, but it is a points league and per-minute statistics count most as you have given minutes totals to fill in the best way. MVP - it is a very close call between the Brow, the Beard and Lebron. Harden has the most Fantasy Points Per Minute (FPPM) with 1.21; Davis comes just short (1.19) but played more MPG, for 43.3 Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG). Harden had 42.5 FPPG. Lebron is 5th in FPPM (a career high 1.17, while 3rd and 4th are Embiid and Westbrook) but played an insane 37.1 MPG for 43.4 FPPG. Add his 77 games played and there is my MVP: Lebron James. (notice: he didn't make the playoffs in my league but was picked #1 overall) MIP - I wish I could give it to one of my guys: Sabonis, Drummond, Randle, who are all definitely eligible. Sabonis had a major leap, jumping from 0.52 FPPM last year (FYI I'd drop anyone under 0.75/0.80) to 0.83, which also takes into account his recent poor performance due to Turner being back on track. He was 0.89 (which is 7th round-ish value) well beyond half season! Drummond improved from 0.99 to 1.04 - which is good considering that he produced more per minute AND played 4 more MPG, making his FPPG go from 29.2 to 34.6, but probably not as important as in category leagues: don't forget that in my league improving from 1 to 3 APG is just 2 extra points on top of the 15+15 he regularly puts in. Nothing really crucial. Last but not least, Randle jumped from 0.84 to 0.95 FPPM. For comparison, this is more or less the same difference between this season's Blake Griffin (0.96) and Alex Len (0.85). Wow, I'm actually impressed that Len had so many FPPM. Let's say between Blake and Zach LaVine (0.85) or Bledsoe (0.83). But hey, you knew where I was going right from the beginning: it's Victor Oladipo, who in my league carried an injury-plagued team (Kawhi, Wall, Love, Vucevic, Gallinari) to the playoffs. ROY - Ben Simmons, it's not even close. A 0.91 FPPM rookie is rare. Here are a few rookie FPPM's: Brow 0.84, Brodie 0.73, Bron 0.79, Boogie 0.84, KD 0.76, etc. WWP - My own David West would have been in the conversation hadn't his production fallen literally off a cliff in the last month or so. He had been above the 1.00 FPPM mark (which usually is a solid line between normal players and superstars) for most of the season (OK, in around just 13 MPG, but still), but now he has 0.92 in the season and an awful 0.74 in the last 10 games, which is why I had to cut him. Bobby Portis takes the prize, with an excellent 0.95 FPPM per 22.5 minutes. He was another important piece of the aforementioned team that made the playoffs despite being a hospital. On a side note, Mitchell was ineligible because that same team drafted him in the last round, pick #138. And finally, the most fun prize (as long as you didn't draft him): the Bust of the Year - Sure, Kawhi may be the easiest answer, but the only reason is an injury. In the 9 games he played, he put up 1.04 FPPM, the same as Drummond. Butler (0.89) and Gobert (0.83) are great candidates, but both of them have really stepped up lately, and easily have more than 1 FPPM over the last 20 games, and I can't blame them for being injured too. Hernangomez and Monroe are usually beasts in per-minute points leagues, but the way they were managed made them disappointments. Also Myles Turner was taken too high and has been a disappointment all the way. However, I'm going with a new name: Paul George. He may be valuable in many formats because he plays loads of minutes (which necessarily translate into stats) and he fills up many categories. However, in a per-minute league, a low FPPM score can ruin your team if it uses too many minutes. It is simply a bad score occupying a greater portion of your starters' minutes. PG only made 0.84 FPPM (once again, less than Alex Len), and unlike the Suns' center he made this little points in 36.6 minutes.
  3. H2H points, points per minute matter All-year team C: Drummond, Jokic F: Randle, Pau Gasol, David West, Josh Jackson, Kuzma, Sabonis G: Lillard, D'angelo, Payton, Barea Honorable mention to Mike James who was awesome per minute when I was without D'lo. You didn't deserve to be cut by the Suns. Disclaimer: I still didn't win but I'm up 1-0 and my opponent is without Embiid, so if I lose it'll be because of sudden injuries or crazy streaks (either my players becoming stupid or carmelo dropping 50's) Dropped players: Kuzma, Sabonis, Payton because of their recent bad performances (kuzma was picked up when he started rolling again) Pleasant additions: Wall, Hernangomez, Buddy Hield
  4. I hope both Malone and Jokic get their s--- together soon. I still have 4 games left for round 1 and I'm still winning (I'm against the 8th), but right now seed #4 is killing it and I'm going to lose with this Jokic
  5. he may start playing less... but curry is not going to return and he has had a pretty consistent role also, he already had a slight dip recently but is now fully back to speed and has rested through the break. i'm positive he will be good the rest of the way
  6. with "parker" i'm assuming jabari (not tony) anyway it's a tough choice because all 3 those players have nice upside and haven't been bad this season (unless it's tony. in that case, just drop him) i guess it depends on your schedule and where you think those players will land to. i.e.: i dropped kuzma when he was playing bad (and of course he had a great game while he was still clearing waivers, but that's another story) but i knew he wasn't going to a playoff team because in my league we play a little money and the more down you are in the standings, the more you pay come end of the season. therefore, even out-of-playoffs owners still follow the league and try to climb a couple spots till the end. i may regret dropping kuzma since he is back to kicking a**es but also he wasn't logging minutes for my team (see sign for explanation) and he won't help any of my playoffs rivals, so i haven't lost anything and i'm trying my luck with john wall (d'lo took quite some time to get back from the same kind of surgery, but the nets are always too careful and also didn't need any boost to their record. in previous years, blake and love have come back before their original 6-8w timetables)
  7. after not playing last night i call it quits. he was available on sunday but didn't play and the excuse was he still hadn't trained with the team. fair enough, but now i just think it's time to move on i dropped him and picked up john wall. i'm confident it will be the right decision in the long run. i'm 1st ATM so i think i'll easily survive the first round and in the best case scenario john wall will be back on the first game of my PO's 2nd round
  8. i've been exactly there last season. for like 2 thirds of the season i had my average score between 1st and 3rd and somehow i floated between 3rd and 8th until jabari parker went down and i lost at the first round of the playoffs my top moment: i was 5-0 and facing a 0-5 guy, his top score in the season was 209 (for reference mine was 259) and he beat me 210-209
  9. i doubt that the lakers dropped him when they found out the difference between his fantasy ADP and his fantasy points anyway it depends on the format, in points league he used to be a beast and right now he is OK-to-good. I drafted him 43rd and he is 39th for fantasy points per minute, including a major drop the first 3-4-5 games after the injury. before the injury he was like 15th, and in my team he was doing better than jokic and drummond.
  10. well, i'm pretty sure god has something better to do than fantasy basketball, don't you think
  11. so these 2 owners have drafted isaiah thomas at round 6 (12 teamer). i inquired about thomas right after the draft to one of the 2 owners and he said the only guy they were considering from my team to make a trade with was jokic (which I picked at 1st round, 10th overall). instead of wtf-ing my way out of that conversation i tried to explain that if i meant to sacrifice my 1st pick for thomas i would have taken him at my first pick, or 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th, or 5th. or 6th too, i can't remember if i had it before them. also that jokic averaged 1.11 fantasy points per minute (fppm, my league works on a minute basis, h2h points) and thomas just 1.04, so i wouldn't have accepted even were thomas immediately available to play (not mentioning jokic's dual eligibility). now that he is 2 spots out of the playoffs (i am 1st) i asked to the other owner about a trade for thomas (he was still a cav). i offered josh jackson and he refused, saying he would have considered only one guy between jokic, drummond and lillard. in the last 10 games they are respectively averaging 1.13, 1.13, 1.04 fppm, while isaiah thomas is averaging 0.72 fppm (a score that now includes his successful lakers debut, can't remember the exact value at the time of the trade inquiry). for reference, antetokounmpo is 1.15 for the season, and cut-by-phoenix mike james was 0.78 for the season. or also cut-by-the-knicks johnny o'bryant was 0.73
  12. i'm happy when i have a bad feeling, but then i rationally come to a conclusion and it eventually turns out to be the right decision, even if i was previously worrying i had made a mistake. a good example from this season is drummond. nobody wanted him but i knew he was going to go crazy this year: in my scoring format he had been trending up year after year, and his last year's projection was to become a top-15 player. i had the #13 pick and got him, but for the first season his fantasy points went down. this year i didn't want to do the same mistake, but i had also read about his nose surgery, which "changed everything" for him. i knew of a couple people close to me how much of a difference such operation could be, and one of andre's issues was his decreased minutes. also, i saw his unbelievable FT%, and sure the sample size wasn't big, but it was still big enough not to be completely out of the way. he had shot something like 75% between summer league and preseason, which was a bit high, and i expected it to be volatile (he is shooting around 65%), but a 75% couldn't fall down to his usual 38%. i knew at some point during the season this would have given him confidence to attack the rim without fearing he could have been hacked, or constantly hit without getting any added benefit from it. i drafted him despite my last year's burn and i also denied a 1-1 trade drummond-porzingis when KP was averaging around 30 ppg after 1 month and a half. this turned out to be a great decision regardless of KP's injury (though one of the reasons i liked drummond was he never misses games, he is a juggernaut) last year i did something similar when i drafted derozan, however i had an unlucky season due to drummond himself, jabari parker going down, myles turner being a huge disappointment (i'm laughing at who took him high this year, i fully expected him to be a scam)
  13. damn, i dropped when porzingis went down as i was closely watching hernangomez. i picked him up and in few hours he got traded (in charlotte he is again the 3rd option as center) as well as larry nance. fml at least i was able to grab josh jackson right when he started balling
  14. i've owned kuzma since draft day but i never watched the lakers this season (i live in europe and they usually play very late, like 3/4 AM local time). so what's up with him? why has his scoring gone so down, for so long? has something changed in the lakers rotation/offense or is it just a tough moment for him personally (rookie wall maybe)?
  15. I looked yesterday and he had like 0 points and 5 rebounds in 13 minutes, then fortunately he turned it around. It was also a tough matchup, let's hope he keeps it going!