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  1. Is this guy a 2 Start pitcher this week? Starting Tue, then maybe again on Sun?
  2. Minor- better matchup and more likely to go 6 INN Help Please?
  3. You could do worse. Rockies have been awful, and Nolan is out. Help?
  4. Anderson- dude is a stud and will be elite in all ratios, plus he may pick up a few saves anyway. Help Please?
  5. Either Flaherty (has been awful at Miller) or Buehler because I think they might cap him at a few innings to prevent the blister getting worse. If I had to pick I'd bench Buehler since Flaherty looked good yesterday. Help Please?
  6. Start Carrasco and then Hill or Kremer. On offense Laureano. Help Please?
  7. Singer and McCullers look like good options. Help Please?
  8. Points League- Total Points for the season wins. I currently hold a slim 8 point lead over 2nd place- and 17 points over 3rd place- it is anybody's championship to win. I'm struggling with playing my studs or playing the match-ups... the teams chasing me all have 3-5 2-start pitchers in their lineup (which really matters in a points league) Here are my options (average Points Per Start over the last 3 outings): Making 1 Start: Cole vs MIA (23.6) -pretty much my only lock at this point Glasnow @ NYM (18.33) - pitching well, but worried since the Rays don't have much to play for Scherzer vs NYM (14.66) - hasn't really looked great lately Flaherty @ MIL (11)- was great last time out- but pretty poor before that Buehler vs OAK (15.33)- mixed bag all season- coming off IL- and not sure how long they will let him pitch Making 2 Starts: Davies vs LAA & @ SF (15)- Worried he won't get the second start so they can line him up for playoffs Reynaldo Lopez vs CHC & @CLE (9) Lyles vs HOU & @ ARI (13) JT Brubaker CHC & CLE (9.66) I need 5. Numbers say go with the two start guys- though I'm uneasy.Thanks for the help.
  9. Well, picked up Sanchez hoping he'd hit a few HR. He's 6-18 with 3 HR, 2 2B, & 9 RBI so far. JT was ruled out for the week. I'd say this worked out about as nicely as I could have hoped.
  10. I'm leaning towards benching him.... seems too risky right now
  11. JT Realmuto didn't play either game yesterday and is having an MRI on his hip today. Someone dropped Gary Sanchez last week. I could roll the dice on JT playing some this week, or hope that Sanchez hits a few home runs? Who do I play?
  12. The only reason this was being considered is because Hill has two starts this week, and it is a points league. And I really wasn't considering him over Flaherty, more so Buehler, because I don't even know for sure that he will start this week. It's basically do you start the decent pitcher who will score points in two starts this week, or do you start the guy who might not start any games this week.....
  13. Let's not get distracted... the dude is dominating. What does his long term look like? Could he be a future top 5 guy?
  14. Yes. I'd want Blackmon back. Prefer to give up Santander.
  15. Pineda. I think we know what Mahle is. At least with Pineda there is upside.