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  1. I like the low seeds! Cards and Nats!
  2. Tough Choices. Honestly I'd keep Darvish if your not completely set on only 3 pitchers. Hitting wise you have a lot of good values, but few that stand out as musts. But I think my top 2 are Gallo and Smith.
  3. You've got to be kidding me..... He has been a headcase his whole career... but if this is true I'm right there with you
  4. Order or value for me (including pricing) 1.) Bell 2.) Bogaerts 3.) Freeman 4.) Smith (though Santana is tough to pass on at that price.
  5. Yeah Snell and Nola should be at least borderline aces. Help?
  6. Honestly, I think I'd keep Marte before Mondesi. My eight would be: Acuna Bregman Soto Flaherty Sale Marte Bryant Machado I ordered them as I would value them. It would be tough to leave Mondesi, Ohtani, and Greinke off. But I think they all have more significant concerns than the guys I chose.
  7. I do agree with your Harper thoughts. And he is better in points. Even in down years #18 this year and #8 last year. Plus, he may play better in year number 2 in the new venue.
  8. True, but honestly his plate discipline plays up in points leagues to the point where when he is "good" Jose Ramirez he is still one of the top 5 point producers in the league. And yes, I am really tempted by Woodruff. I think he has top 20 SP talent.
  9. Exactly. The league dynamic is weird. My first year in this league I didn't take a pitcher until round 14 because the pitchers were all going so far ahead of their ranking I couldn't bear to jump that early. Well, that failed in epic proportions. Since then I've realized in this type of setting bats are much easier to come by. Still, some bats (Yelich, Bellinger, etc.) stand out enough where you can't replace them.
  10. Yeah, keeping 3 ace-like pitchers going into this year really helped me this year. The problem with not keeping Jo-Ram is that even though he would be slotted in my first round, If I don't keep him then one of my other previous keepers would slot there instead. So, keeping him really costs the same as keeping any of Kershaw, Corbin, or Syndergaard. I guess the question is "with all things the same would I rather have Jo-Ram or one of those guys?"
  11. I mean it is a points league so number of home runs isn't everything. Harper was still the #18 batter and outscored Suarez 530 to 460. On the pitchers, my reason for keeping two is that a Kershaw/Corbin/Castillo type pitcher is a whole lot harder to replace than a Harper/Suarez type hitter (at least in this league). I mean I got Suarez for next to nothing from a 11th place team, but a pitcher like Kershaw would cost me significant capital, and surely will not be around for me to draft by the time I get picks in the 5th or 6th round of our drafts.
  12. Muncy is safest. Ozuna has highest upside. Still in OPS i probably go Muncy.
  13. Story, Buehler, JoRam for sure. Legit ace, and tow guys who provide SBs Then your pick between Judge and Yordan. Injury prone and unproven. Toss up to me.