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  1. He had 2 td (1rush) against Arizona with 0 int as well don’t think he played whole game either. It was 3 bad games and playoffs they just ran the ball for 200+ yards against cowboys. He did his job. Look at all the other QBs in playoffs not very many had a good run. He had the best QB rating in nfl history with at least 4 prime time games played before his games against chi and philly so it was really just evening out.
  2. How was it half a season he was bad? He had a rough 3 game stretch against lions bears eagles after the bye. Had a 118 and 121 rating vs the cardinals and 49ers the last two weeks with 6 total TD’s and no INT. Less yards but why throw a bunch extra if you don’t have too. He was considered 3rd in mvp going into the bye after the chiefs game.
  3. So I must be the only one that thinks he is actually good and will be for another 15 years. Lots of the top QBs struggled badly down the stretch last year, and then put up weak stats in the playoffs. Goff will be fine, if you watch the games you would know he has it. IMO one of the better pure passers in the league. All QBs have a game like the bears one. Why does he get such harsh reactions from it? Brees or Brady have a terrible game but it’s ok. I also remember him being extremely clutch in the tight games against the Vikings, Seahawks, Chiefs, as well as the Saints playoff win. Once again, if you watched these you would know what I am talking about. He is the reason they won those games. He also almost pulled off the massive comeback from the Saints in regular season as well. Most of the other games besides the Bears and Eagles, they weren’t even in a position to lose in the last 7 minutes.
  4. Doesn’t Devers hold the MLB record for a homer off the fastest pitch. Chapman at 102.8. So I mean he can hit heat, and it was high. Maybe he just kept trying to do that every high fastball after, and will fix the problem.
  5. He set a career high in RBI last year why can't he do it again? Had 63 in 64 second half starts. 33 isn't that old when you look at what Ortiz, Beltre etc. have done the last few years. Can't ask for a better situation either. That line isn't far off of what he did last year with 8 first half homers.