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  1. See today Oberg (45 day dL) and Davis (10 day dL) are out. Who’s up next? Dias? Bard?
  2. Yea DeShields is owned. Look to power up early in season and prob trade power for speed
  3. Wander was a keeper holdover for me. Each team keeps 7 players. Yeah sbs are an issue. Free agent pool is nothing. Can’t find a sp or starting hitter in pool currently. Any minor leaguer in al top 50 were drafted ( madrigal etc) my reserve players drafted were Chris Davis balt Austin Pruitt p hou jorge mateo SS oak james Karinchak p cleve aaron hicks of Nyy
  4. Thanks in advance. 5x5 AL only with keepers 12 teams c- Castro/avila 1st- cj cron 2nd dee gordon ss- bichette 3rd donaldson mi j polonco ci laStella Utility n cruz of solar/ h Dozier/y Alvarez/Goodwin/ b Allen(trash to fill roster) sp- grienke/ giolito/Heaney/josh james/ duffy/ Reynaldo Lopez / McKay rps- pressley/j Jimenez/bummer minor- wander Franco reserve draft pending
  5. Thus is a roto league. Each team keeps 7. my keepers into draft were Soto ($20) smith ($2) and Kelley ($3) reason for 2 catchers, Yates ($10) Oberg ($1) Wong ($16) Ahmad ($6) sp in general went at or above expected cost Gallen ($21) matz ($17) price ($22) Porcello ($6) freeland/ Hernandez ($1) as desperation sp
  6. $260 keeper-12 team NL only league. 5x5 Of course it got thin being NL only but appreciate feedback. Send me your qts, thanks in advance c-Carson kelly c- Will Smith 1b- Matt Adams blah 2b wong 3b moustakas ss- Nick ahmad mi-Castro ci- bote Start 5 Ofs- Soto/ Betts/avisail garcia/Tyler O’Neill/ micheal Taylor/ locastro ( cheap steals) P (start 9) price/Gallen/matz/ Porcello/freeland ugh/Yates/ melancon/Oberg/Tyler Rogers/Felix Hernandez
  7. Giolito for Merrifield accepted. Forgot to mention, by getting giolito ($10) it allows me to extend Bichette for 2020 and 2021 while keeping the same budget ( since giolito was $5 cheaper than merrifield) . Appreciate the opinions
  8. Keeper league with extention option. Where’s the value? 2020 only at $15 ( 1 yr extention) or 2020 at $20/ 2021 at $20 (2 yr extention) thanks
  9. 12 team al only $260 keeper league. Giolito ($10 this year / $15 next) for Merrifield ($15 this year only). AL pitching is thin. I’d be getting Giloto. rest of my keepers ( keep 7) Alvarez ($10) bichette ($15) solar ($16) H Dozier ($1) Polonco ($6) LeStella ($3) thanks in advance
  10. Moose as well. Like the position flexibility
  11. Trade finalized. Al only 12 team $260 keepers going into draft. Solar (16) yordan Alvarez ($10) merrifield ($15) hunter Dozier ($1) LeStella ($3) Jorge Polonco ($6) Bichette ($15) $ 66 . I’ll be drafting a lot of pitching