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  1. email if interested. choose an ncaa school and as many as three players who went there. draft will be as soon as league fills. email me at if interested.
  2. Interested. Send email to and I will join all three happily
  3. Need 9 owners you can leave your email here, and I'd like to get a new dynasty league started with basic settings on ESPN commissioner league. Leave email here only if you plan to be able to draft tonight
  4. bump other examples ASU- Harden, 2nd round pick, 3rd rd pick LSU- Simmons, 2 picks UCLA- Westbrook, Lavine Marquette- Jimmy Butler, 2 picks Kentucky-Towns, ADavis, Booker
  5. I didnt get the invite to my email....
  6. Choose a college and 1-3 players min and max who played for that school to enter the draft in. Draft order will be based on how strong your team is going in (snaked) emailing me at as well posting here what team u want is the quickest way to add you and then we can get an early draft in. Example Teams: Duke-Irving, Tatum Texas-Durant UCONN-Walker, Drummond
  7. 12 teams Choose 1-3 players from any NCAA school, make your team name and logo that school. Snake Draft, based on ADP of Players on your team. Please leave email, college and which players from that school minimum of 1 maximum of 3 to head into the year. Best way to reach me and please email me the school and players u want as well to Draft will take place after the league is full, soon as possible. Will be keeping between 6 and 12 players for next year. First come, first serve,
  8. Choose an NCAA school and 2 players from that school to go into the draft with. After year one we will keep 4 to 8 players. Snake draft will be based on team strength heading into the draft. Going to be 10 teams h2 each categories. Looking for an early draft once the league fill so we will have extra to build our rorsters. Leave your invite info and and team choice here as it is first come first serve. BEST PLACE TO REACH ME OR LEAVE INVITE INFO IS Link: Team Choice Examples Kentucky: Good Options- ADavis, Cousins, Towns, Murray, Booker, Bledsoe (choose two) Duke: Irving, Tatum Kansas: Embiid, Wiggins UCLA: Choices Westbrook, Lavine, KLove Arizona: Hollis Jefferson, Aaron Gordon Texas Myles Turner, Kevin Durant Michigan State- Draymond Green, Gary Harris Florida: Al Horford, Bradley Beal UCONN- Drummond, Kemba Walker Oklahoma-Trae Young, Blake Griffin Indiana- Oladipo, Zeller Those are just examples. Best ones off top of my head. Will draft pretty early once league is filled and everyone can collaborate on a day. If this goes well we can make it a 3 sport thing and ditch the college idea for the other leagues.
  9. below is a link to the league. if it feels I wouldnt mind drafting tonight but so far its just me. email me or leave your email here if ur interested. right now im thinking the buy in will be free def for the first year.