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  1. Kim, Burnes, Luzardo, and Clevinger. Just need a few wins and QS.
  2. Yeah, hamstring spasm.
  3. Had slow starts in 2 of 3 leagues in weekly leagues, kept at it anyways, finished strong but too late in a 8 week season.
  4. Starting Thursday or Friday according to Dennis Lin of The Athletic.
  5. Inside the article mentions no further positives as of today. So nothing definite but seems like good news. buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
  6. Didn't have an option in my H2H 10 team leagues, but it's a 8 week regular season with 4 teams making the playoffs. If you're playing for money probably sucks no matter what. If it gets gets shut down at some point for the health of the players and personnel so be it. It's only one season so I'm fine with my set up.
  7. Although a business owner shouldn't be forced to lose more money than necessary because of a pandemic, MLB with their Billionaire owners could see the benefit long term of taking a bigger loss by providing more money to players THIS particular season. Maybe consider more wages THIS particular season as an investment rather than a BIG or BIGGER loss. That said, less revenue going forward due to any backlash by fans is going to hurt players much more than owners. Unfortunate for players.... Should expect Billionaires to leverage their wealth and power to their advantage ALWAYS. Don't blame the players for taking a stand, but worry it's not going to work out in their favor no matter what.
  10. Thursday, May 28, 2020 📰 What you need to know 1. Max Scherzer blasts latest pay cut proposals as MLB, MLBPA continue to disagree during talks ⚾️ Ah, another day and yet another wonderful update on the MLB's dramatic and unbearable strife over the economic approach to a shortened 2020 season. Are we loving this yet or what? Today's first bit of news on the ongoing saga has to do with one of the league's most prominent players speaking out with a very emphatic rejection of the owners' latest proposal. Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer has added his name to the list of players that are very clearly against the idea of giving Scherzer: "After discussing the latest developments with the rest of the players there's no reason to engage with MLB in any further compensation reductions. We have previously negotiated a pay cut in the version of prorated salaries, and there's no justification to accept a 2nd pay cut based upon the current information the union has received. I'm glad to hear other players voicing the same viewpoint and believe MLB's economic strategy would completely change if all documentation were to become public information." Phew, that's probably the juiciest reaction we've gotten from a player yet. Not only is Scherzer holding extremely firm on not taking any additional pay cuts, he also seems to suggest that the MLB owners are purposely hiding or fudging financial numbers during the negotiation process for the purpose of convincing players to take less money and/or convince the general public that it's the players who are being greedy. A majority of MLB teams are privately held, so they're under no obligation to disclose financials, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time clubs have been accused of manipulating their numbers. Meanwhile, it should be noted that Scherzer was supposed to make nearly $30 million this season, making him one of the league's highest-paid players. Under the reported salary reductions proposed by the owners earlier this week, Scherzer would make less than $7 million. It's not hard to understand why he'd be particularly fired up. Moving forward, it's probably going to be the league's most notable stars -- those who stand to lose the most money -- within the player's union speaking out against the offer. And while this whole ordeal is annoying enough in its own right, our Dayn Perry believes that the hostile negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA could be preview of things to come when the two sides meet to discuss the next CBA. The league's current CBA is set to expire after the 2021 season and this mess might be a precursor to a labor strife (and potential lockout) after next season. Hooray! Remember when our biggest annoyances with baseball were pace of play and arguments over the merits of the universal DH? Man, those were the days. Get up to speed with what's trending in the NFL each morning with senior writer Will Brinson. Subscribe Now FOLLOW CBS SPORTS You are receiving this email because you're opted in to receive the CBS Sports HQ Newsletter from CBSSports.‌com. To ensure delivery of emails from CBSSports.‌com, please add to your address book. Privacy Policy | Manage Subscriptions | Unsubscribe Not a HQ AM/PM newsletter subscriber? Sign up here. %0
  11. I understand and others believe exactly how you do regarding politicians and the media, but I get the sense you blame liberal media and liberal politicians for our response and that's where you lose me. The virus is disastrous and because we were not adequately prepared and didn't take more drastic action early enough we were left with limited options and imo was going to be very painful no matter what. Herd immuity mentality response would've been impossible for our leaders to sell to the general public imo. Sure, in hindsight we could have done somethings differently, but in real time don't blame our leaders for making errors with no time to think through every possible consequence of these actions. Very difficult to be free and safe during a pandemic. My personal preference is to err on the side of less infections and death but understand you and others disagree and I'm empathetic to all dealing with economic hardship just no way to reconcile the two equally. Fear is a powerful emotion and I've always said what sex can't sell fear will. In regards to this virus and our response idk, I mean if you don't want the virus to spread and believe getting people to stay home is wise then some fear is useful. Would be great if we all responded to danger in the same way and be rational about things, and could say only the irresponsible stay home. Unfortunately we don't and couldn't so we to had convey a message of urgency to get the desired reponse to limit the spread the best we could. We were never under total lockdown with so many considered essential so the orders to stay home were to meant to be broad to get the rest of us to stay home as much as possible. Even now, we have to take in consideration how many people will take the necessary precautions to prevent outbreaks and unnecessary death when making decisions on loosening restrictions. Feel free to to respond, but I'm done on this subject. We'll just have to agree to disagree on the correct reponses to this crisis.
  12. Mistakes were made early on which led us down a path with more pain, in death's and economically. We're just not going to totally agree on who is to blame for the mistakes. I've decided not to point fingers anymore. Imo, all we can do now is to learn from our mistakes and try to be more prepared for the next pandemic.
  13. You seem to want to just place blame. So tell me specifically who you feel is responsible for our failures in our response to this pandemic from the beginning to now.
  14. I'm not smart enough to know if our solutions to this pandemic were/are the best course of action. Personally, think too many variables are involved and since nobody has the benefit of crystal ball we can't know for sure. Although second guessing gets tiresome to read and hear for me personally, can see how it might be helpful in making decisions if there is another pandemic like this one in the future.
  15. Heard the story of Laura Glass on a conservative radio talk show. If it's true she's responsible for the lockdown and social distancing decisions in response to a novel virus that is highly infectious then she's a hero in my book.