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  1. 10 people in Bundesliga tested positive for covid 19. They haven't even started playing yet. Just training under quarantine rules. I think the MLB might be able to start a season. I doubt it. I really don't think they will be able to finish a meaningful season. I think they will be dealing with cases of the virus all year. It just depends on how many.
  2. German soccer league took a small hit. They just started training and 3 are infected already
  3. just for a laugh during this serious time, watch with volume
  4. I think COVID-19 has affected the brains of the GM's. I thought it was supposed to attack the lungs but lately I've heard it causes strokes. Maybe that's what happened here.
  5. They now have 3 good TE"s, one will probably be moved. It's no secret Brady loves the short passing game and getting rid of the ball quickly. I really don't think he wants to go downfield that much because his arm isn't as good. I don't know what it means to the 2 wide outs outlook fantasy wise. Both are deep ball threats, not Brady's strong suit these days.
  6. The Gronk/Hernandez duo was deadly, no pun intended.
  7. Why? Gronk was only going to play for Tampa. He wasn't interested in any other team. He would have stayed retired. A 4th is the best they could have gotten. I'm sure they tried to get more.
  8. You would think. I had my first round just before the virus got bad. Now they tell me it's too dangerous for me to go to the hospital because of my weak immune system from the first round. I'm so pissed off.
  9. I'm supposed to go for my second round of chemo and they have now put it off. I don't have a date when I will be going back.
  10. The money is a factor of course but so is their health and the health of their families
  11. It all depends on the CBA. If they have to stay away from their families all season that's not going to fly. They will not have to honor those contracts unless the CBA states it.
  12. I knew human beings were stupid, just not this stupid. Maybe it's more selfishness. I think people realize this now affects older people and people with underlying conditions more and just don't care. Them living their everyday lives is more important I guess.
  13. It's not so much about the towels as it is unsafe playing conditions due to the slippery court especially the lines where they spend most of their time stopping and starting abruptly.
  14. Why do they stop playing when there are even a few droplets of rain? Hard courts and grass are very slippery when wet.
  15. I'm assuming his home is bigger than a hotel room. Maybe he even has a large property.