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  1. It's all about revenue. If you have a small amount of teams getting in the playoffs some teams are eliminated by mid-June. Then the fans stay home for those losing teams. The more teams that get in the longer those bottom dwellers stay in the race for longer the fans keep coming to the games
  2. I guess Berrios has lost his luster. I don't Know Who mentioned Corbin Burnes but he wouldn't be on my list. Not enough of a track record .
  3. No He's only had one good start and 3 bad ones
  4. I was talking about redraft not dynasty. In a short year like this you can't keep throwing a guy out there who kills you
  5. He walks too many guys and the Jays have trouble scoring. Either way if your in a wins league or QS league you won't get either
  6. His control is terrible. It has been in every game except the first one against the Nats. I'm dumping him. He will get killed in Baltimore.
  7. They should just cancel the season. This is a sh*t show.
  8. Gm has said he left the team for personal reasons with no timetable for return. Anyone heard why?
  9. Yes but the cross over is with the NL East which is tough, Braves, Nats, Phillies can really hit. The Mets aren't bad. The only respite is the Marlins
  10. He will be injured after start 3 and their sked is brutal
  11. Cespedes, Howard, Rich Hill, Alex Wood, Frenchy Cordero
  12. I guess July 4 is out of sight now.maybe August 1?
  13. Ya they are but some guys won't play. The NBA has already said those who don't play will forfeit their salaries. They are assuming some will not play. What has yet to be determined is how many and who.
  14. Well you might not even get the NBA now, players are not happy about being locked down in Orlando. That might not happen either. It could be down to the NHL and NFL