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  1. Wow the Indians just gave him away, salary dump, I'm surprised more teams weren't in on him considering how little they had to give up.
  2. AJ Green, James Connor, JuJu, Kerryon Johnson, Beckham jr, , any Dolphins, Bears or Redskins players.
  3. Ops league Bregman Arenado Story Soto Alonso
  4. He's going to join Trout and Yelich on the bench for the playoffs
  5. He keeps getting scratched, I think he's done for the year,as are the Angels
  6. Reminds of what Charles Haley went through in a way, could be bi-polar, If I was a team I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. He's going to want big money and with the way he is now, I doubt anyone goes down that road
  7. I think the leg injury is worse than we know, if it is the same injury as Durant has and he plays in week 1 and blows out his Achillies then he's done anyway. He might have saved himself a gruesome injury and another year of rehab, I don't blame him
  8. There's only 5 weeks left in the season, he ain't coming back this year
  9. Love this guy but his next 2 starts are against the Braves and Yankees, I might sit him against the Braves, not pitching him against the Yanks
  10. Dyson should never close, doesn't have the mental make up for it, sucked in Texas, couldn't get the job done in SF when Melancon got injured and today lost a game the Twins had no business in losing
  11. This kid will probably be tough to own in the future. he seems to have health/injury issues on a regular basis