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  1. I think that’s fair, I mean I feel like that the crux of the other poster’s argument about Moustakas and Olson. Specifically in Roto, you can acquire HR later. I often roll my eyes and the recent bias that exists from the talking heads, and I think they see the HR count coming off an injury they said would impact his power. So you get the pendulum swinging the other direction now and the approach becomes “imagine what that could look like over a full season”. I don’t know how I would approach Olson in a redraft format, but I know I’m a believer in his ability and have been actively trying to acquire shares.
  2. I guess I would turn that around, do the underlying numbers support high performance for Moustakas in age 31 season? Seems to me like those projections are based on on assumptions like: being in a better lineup, more playing time, and park factor. But Oakland was a top 10 team in runs scored last year and Olson is in the middle of that lineup (and has already logged a season playing every game). Olson has a higher hard hit percentage, higher barrel rate and higher exit velocity than Moustakas. So again we come back to the notion of one player having no growth at age 25 and the other player performing at near career highs at age 31. Me personally, I find it very difficult to ascribe a ceiling to a player this early in his career. Maybe Olson doesn’t have it in him to hit north of .260 again... maybe he doesn’t have it in him to hit 40+ HR. But given how hard he hits the ball, I’m willing to bet on him outperforming his projections more than I am Moustakas.
  3. See this is interesting because there are a few things here: 1) Moustakas is 31 and those projections have him performing at near career highs in HR and RBI. 2) Olson is 25 entering his third full season and those projections assume no real growth, if anything regression.
  4. I suppose that’s fair, but 30 starts and 182 innings doesn’t scream babying to me...he also had more starts than Scherzer. My preference is Buehler at his ADP.
  5. In your view you think it is less likely that Buehler “jumps” than guys like Scherzer or Verlander (or even Cole) move back closer to the pack?
  6. Keep forever, no cost. 29 roster spots. 4 IL spots. Draft on 3/22.
  7. 10 team H2H points league (9 keepers) on CBS Snake draft, no contracts... pretty vanilla. Owner went ghost early last year, the league is trade heavy so reboot shouldn’t be hard. New Owner.xlsx
  8. Bregman (2019) Hard Hit% = 37.5 Exit Velocity = 89.3 Arenado (2019) Hard Hit% = 37.4 Exit Velocity = 89.4
  9. I’ll take 30-35 HR from Bregman all day long... his walk rate and strike out rate make that gravy. And if teams want to hit him and put him on base, I’m fine with that too, only helps improve his chances of coming around to score.
  10. I may be in the minority here, and that’s fine with me but... 1) Astros cheated, okay. I don’t condone it and I feel like they deserve to get thrown out in the spotlight like this. But at the same time, it isn’t exactly like this game carries the highest levels of integrity. Over the years we have seen many players do whatever they needed to in order to gain an advantage. Can we just move on already, this isn’t the first time someone cheated and won’t be the last. This will be a tough year for Houston and no matter what they do, this will stain their legacy. 2) Fiers didn’t have an issue with this when they put the ring on his finger. 3) Can we finally get Pete Rose reinstated?
  11. A second TJ would be devastating.
  12. This dude has Pringle’s for finger nails.
  13. Trying to decide on my final spot keeper spot. Carpenter has 2B eligibility, but I'm already holding Baez and Seager (Arenado at 3B). We have a MI position, so there's some value there. Gut says Votto... head says Carp.