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  1. #2 The post you are referring to talks about mindset, mostly about conformity. You keep posting these really long paragraphs about Castro and CK's girlfriend "who hates America" and that's clearly and easily political and it keeps throwing fire on this discussion. I want you to just let it go. And if you can't let it go I and the other mods will just suspend you and give you some time to think about it. 

  2. First. Do not call out the mods publically that will get you a suspension quick. If you have a problem with a mod's decision message any of us. 

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    2. Blazer


      KK, me too, I'm putting my 10 YO daughter to bed.


      His statement is political because he is taking sides. If his post stands, there should be room for a counter argument.


      Anyway, I gotta put Frozen DVD on for a few mins while she falls asleep.

    3. lipitorkid


      I've looked through your posting history before and you have a ton of good informative posts. I'm guessing (correct me if I'm wrong) you are posting the Castro and GF stuff to prove a point. The problem is that pretty much anytime someone brings up Castro and what he's done in the past it's clearly political talk. The post that the other poster made may seem political because he is taking sides but the subject of his post is far less of an obvious political post. Now you can disagree with me, but here is what I would like you to do next time. 


      The next time you see a political post just report it to the mods. That way multiple mods will check it out. We usually discuss it and try and make a fair decision. Please remember that none of us are paid and we are dads and family members just like you, who love sports and talking about sports. Please try and give us the benefit of the doubt, I've never heard a mod take a political side in the background, they are just trying to keep politics and other COC stuff out of the threads the best they can. We locked the thread for now so you won't see anyone posting something that would warrant a reply. 


      My son is too old for me to have experience the Frozen movie thing. Hope it bears up to repeated watching. 

    4. Blazer


      You did the right thing. Lock the thread until he gets signed by a team. Otherwise, it's just political back and forth. If he signs with a team, then there is something to talk about. Right, now, he's irrelevant and nothing more needs to be said in these forums about him.


      On Frozen, it's candy for kids. Once they have seen it, just the music puts them to sleep. :)

  3. Hey TC84. 


    I hid you last post in the closer forum because it really belongs in the Bench Coach Forum. If you want my two cents on your question, yeah I'd drop Oh, I'd wait to drop Johnson until I hear a more specific rumor or two from their beat writers. 

    1. TC84


      No problem. Thanks